Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Rossford Football Scrimmage

All that talk about politics, and my first real entry involves high school football...Rossford scrimmaged Eastwood earlier this evening. First, the good news. The stadium looks great. All of the trees that lined the hill on either side of the bleachers have been clear cut. If you're too cheap to buy a ticket, you can see the entire field from the parking lot without having to get there early enough to find a clearing. So how did the Bulldogs look? It's hard to judge from one practice, but they look like they'll be competitive this year. I was hoping to see some changes in the offense this year to allow for more consistency. Since they've gone to the spread, Rossford has struggled to consistently make first downs. There have been a lot of big plays, and a lot of three downs and punt. This year, it looks to be more of the same. On the bright side, the QBs and WRs look pretty solid. The kids caught the ball well, and the QB who played the most made good reads and was very accurate. For some reason, however, Rossford still struggles to get positive yards on first down. The defense had its moments. Eastwood has pretty good team speed, however, and they absolutely killed Rossford with quck pitches to the wide side. The Rossford LBs like to crowd the LOS and they weren't quick enough to pursue sideline to sideline. I expect they can win most every game, and probably lose most every game as well. Unfortunately, Delta and Oak Harbor have dropped in classification, which will hurt Rossford in playoff point calculations. I'd expect they'll need to win at least 7 games to get a playoff bid this year. I'd say 3-0 against Delta, Oak Harbor and Lake and 4 wins in the NLL.


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