Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No Worries

All is not lost, we got the car out of the impound without any serious ramifications. Thx Gunky. I've secured a ride 2 werk with 1 of the companys grade foreman who lives right across the street from me. It's kinda nice being the passenger 4 a change. Now all I have 2 do is pay my speeding tixs & a re-issueance fee, & I'll be back out terrorizing the local motorists again. On a lighter note, it looks like Ozzfest is goin' 2 be 1 of our usual un-organized, off the cuff, crazy road trips. Can't wait, been looking forward 2 seeing Black Sabbath 4 years. Slowly chipping away at a list of bands that I wanna see before they die, or quit doin' it. Check out the new look on the strat' (S & G) in the photo album, it's comin' along nicely & 4 the most part, better than I had expected. Cheers, Every1! Luv Hairy >;'}


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