Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Head Game: The Final Frontier

That's what this really is. I'm betting that most able bodied folks assumethatseverity of impairmentdrives the mental machinery of the physically disabled person. Excepting intractable pain, that's not the case, any more than it is for the able bodied person. We chooseto be comfortable or uncomfortable with the way ourbodieswork. If I have self respect, I'm going to make the bestchoices possible formyself, regardless of the condition of my physical being, and within the constraintsof my knowledge about good choices.At the same time, I'll do my bestto increase that knowledge, so that I can revise as I deem necessary,for the purpose of achieving maximum success. I may add to this later in the day, but if a natural disaster were towipe me out in the next few minutes, I would not mind for this to have been the last public statement I made.


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