Friday, November 04, 2005

the announcement, the geeks get all the girls-song

hey guys. What's going on?ANNOUCEMENT ANNOUNCMENT: i formally would like to tell you that i have decided to go out for baseball and wehave our first practice may 1.see u guys there, it's gonna be afun season.our track meet at lawton got cancelled today, yuppie. well i figured i might as well blong since i have time and update. well i found out that part of what i was told was wrong by that person but there is more to it and i'm gonna get answers. Oh and all of u out there in a mest up problem and u think it's all wierd well, time will work it's self out, and talk to someone about the problem, let them know what ur feeling, maybe they can help you. If u need to talk i will set up a time and we can talk. oh and that someone out there that i need to talk to, u know who u are, let's set up a time and talk. hey alyssa thanks for letting me see those pics they were good, when ever u get doubles let me know, oh i have my pics from them too, if u want to see them let me know i can bring them and let u look at them. So hope everyone had a good day and for the one who wasn't at school today hope u get better. word. peace and love to everyone. tty ppl later


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