Thursday, October 06, 2005


You know how there are things you never want to hear but then you end up hearing them and you are hurt by what you hear ? Yeah well thats me right now. I dont know if im suppose to beupset or if I should just let it go, but how do you deal with such hurtful things. Im so sad right now... I cant sleep and I dont know what to do ... Im so confused. I think this time Im hurt to bad. I never wanted something like this to happen and why did it take me this long to find out? I dont know either ... Im sad, confused, upset, crying about something I cant change but I want it to go way, but it wont .. its stuck in my head and I dont want to think about it .... I guess Im just too hurt ... I dont know what to do ... theres nothing I can do ... why didnt I know ??? I guess its to late now ....


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