Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wow... what the hell happened? I don't come on here for a month - purposefully avoiding the site because of the "that" person, and what do I find when I come back for a peek? That had referenced my blog in a story about that Tanqueray commercial. Go figure. Maybe if I continue writing I'll end up like Stephanie Klein with a $500K+ book deal. Unfortunately I have a feeling I would have to start telling a bit more of my "personal" life on here, something I don't feel comfortable doing knowing who reads this. Kudos for her having the balls to talk about masturbating in her office bathroom... maybe I'll start an anonymous blog to keep up... I've been pretty bummed lately - work isn't going as well as it should, and the summer is moving way too fast. I'm poor, my highlights are growing out, I'm still recouping from strep throat and my best friend is getting married soon. Also, not to freak anyone out, but my stupid apartment has become a haven for creatures (yeah, I realize I dedicated an entire entry to how much I love animals - while this DOES extend to the friendly little mice that seemed to have moved in, it is NOT extended to the ants, spiders and other gross things). Plus TK has been away 4 out of the past 7 weeks, and I was away for 1 of the 3 weeks that he was here, so I'm feeling a serious lack in boyfriend presence. I tend to get a little batty when I'm not getting the attention (I would say affection, but apparently my mother would assume I mean sex - which, in this case, isn't entirely untrue) I need. On another depressing note, I just finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince . What a downer that was. Not only because the story was upsetting (how could he DIE?? Is he really dead?? Spoilers in the next blog entry, fyi), but because I'm going to once again have to sit on my hands waiting 2+ years for the next (and final) book. I wonder what would happen if I contacted Rowlings and told her I had some incurable disease and would be dead well before the final installment -- and that my only dream before dying was to know the details of the final book. Would she pony up? Something to keep in mind, I guess...


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Blogger cul said...

re the grossness of the critters you fear to eat or sleep with: God's in the garbage can, always has been, always will be...the curative for loathing what's unfamiliar, as you are well aware, is to embrace the irridescent slime of the writhing maggot as equally endearing as the eyeball fluids through which you regard the maggot's presence in the first place, no?

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