Friday, October 28, 2005

Running aka Wasting Precious Life

ok, check this shit out. i have spent close to 9 months of my life in a season of some kind this past year. it went cross country, indoor track, then outdoor track. if you take the practices that i do, and avg them out time wise, they would probably come close to about 2hrs of practice a day. take that and say its 6 days a week, because i practice mon-fri, then have a meet on saturday, and then cheat and take sunday off while everybody else is running lol. so take those two hours, multiply them by 6 for the days in the week i run, multiply that number by 4 for the number of weeks in amonth, and then multiply that number by 9 for the months i am in season. so the equation is 2x6x4x9 = 432. thats 432 hours of my life i spent running basically, such a waste! take that number and divide it by 24 for the hours a day is long, and you got the number 18. that is 18 full days worth, of running. i've wasted the equivalent to 18 days of my life lol. down with running!! obesity rules! k, my metabolism is ridiculous, thats the only way i can say that without regret lol. not to mention i have an eating disorder, but thats for another time. the moral of the story kids, go out and run. i'll be damned if you ever do shit worth doing on any of those 18 days anyhow.


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