Monday, October 17, 2005

Regular Season Stats

Ugh...30 games later and still going. I had a great time playing this season, and always with the most awesome teammates anyone could ever have. You are the best! I also want to thank all of our fans and everyone who has supported us, not only these past four months but every single year. Win or lose, you are always there to cheer us on. Thank you so much! Standings: 19 Wins - 11 Losses Division: 8 Wins - 6 Losses Conference:11 Wins - 5 Losses Ranking: 3rd Longest Winning Streak: 5 Longest Losing Streak: 4 Personal Stats Games Played:112 Kills (K):644 Errors (E): 44 Attempts (TA): 1431 H%: .419 Kills/Game: 5.75 Assists (A): 18 Assists/Game: .167 Blocks: 25 Blocks/Game: .223 Ranking: 11th


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