Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Pity Teacher

today when we having moral period.. our teacher.. pn francis tell us tat.. i hate afrika penguin.. who is tat.. now i only noe is mr.ravindran.. pn francis tell tat when she going to england.. mr.ravindran going to ganti her.. we all shout.. HAAAA.. really omg loh.. need face him on bm period den need face him when moral period too.. aiyo yo yo.. cham loo tis time.. really hate tat afrika penguin la.. pn.francis oso sclod him 'so xxx'.. haha..den suddenly shih ling ask teacher.. y go england.. den she tell us something.. we all oso veli shock.. actually her son cannot talk.. she go england is bcoz his son.. coz she take a course tat is how to teach cannot talk studentbelajar..add upusually she oso got teach other student tat cannot talk.. haihz dun c she alway tell us funny story.. actually she is a pity mother n teacher..


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