Tuesday, October 18, 2005

on the brighter side....

on the brighter side of things I hung out with my little sister Tiffany all day and then tonight i went shopping,to dinner and a movie with a friend. we went to see deuce bigalo the make jigalo----pretty much the most stupid movie i have ever seen. But it was ok cuz i got to hang out with a buddy i haven't hung out with in a while. Then to top it off tons of people called to "show me some love" today. Pretty much everyone that loves me called me :) and for the first time in a long time they were all super swell conversations I got these new silver shoes and silver belt so you can all be jealous cuz i look super hot in the outfit. my friend was like "whoa shannon you are super sexy in that gear" so yup as he said i am super sexy so you better watch out. hmm.......well i wore my JEM t-shirt today----you know that cartoon show about the 4 rocker band girls that played on tv when we were little (i used to pretend i was the one with the blue hair) well i got like 30 compliments on my shirt and it made me very happy :) :):):):):) ok well me and my buddy are going to go walk through the park at about 3:30 in the am (right now) so i gots to go.


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