Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Old-As-Hell York Dolls @ 9:30

Rock, pure and simple. Probably the best show I've been to in the last year. The reason: I wasn't expecting a very good show. I've always loved the Dolls' 1972 self-titled album (it has been in my constant rotation since I was 13) and their second (and final) album "Too Much Too Soon", but every time I would buy a live NYDalbum it would blow - hard (the same goes for almost all of the Johnny Thunders live records). I guess having 35 years to practice (andkick the habit/replace dead members)really does wonders for the live show. The set was phenomenal - High Octane for almost 2 hours. Even the girl was wanting encores (sheusually falls into a coma-like-stateafter 10pm). It was great hearing all of those songs that I grew up with being played live - and well. If they come around to your neck of the woods be sure to get out and see 'em. Yes, I realize that this was one of those "Do we have enough money saved to retire?, No? We're proud to announce a reunion tour" shows. One of the shows that you go to because you're afraid that it will be your only chance to see a band who was broken up before you were out of short-pants (or in the girl's case - born). My general rule is that if the lead singer is still alive it's a reunion, if not it's a tribute (see MC5). Well, as I mentioned earlier I thought this show was going to blow (and thank Christ it didn't), but as soon as tix went on sale I was there and bought two. Every time there is a reunion show from a band that I thought I'd never get to see (or see again) I always forced the Girl to come with. " You HAVE to go to this show. It's for your own good. I don't care if you've never heard of them. Here; load this CD into your iPod and memorize the songs. Well, you better LEARN to like them; This is history." She has bared witness to several unlikely "reunion" shows against her will: MC5, Mission of Burma, Skinny Puppy, Pixies, Knitters, X, New York Dolls, etc., and has been very good so far. Let's hope thatpositive attitudelasts through the Devo show this Sunday.


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