Monday, October 31, 2005


I went to this party last night my friends band was playing there. They sounded good for there first concert, some stuff @ the party was fu <k 3d up though. i think i pis sed Katie off 2 last night sry!!! i was pis sed @ the world i get like that sometimes u still want those cupons for the mall?? lol :p yeah first part of college starts the 22nd ugg school... i dunno y im not 2 excited about this but whatever school is school. im trying to start a band i have songs written i just need a drumset and others in it. rave is on vaycation in florida U S UCK!!!!!! CAT POO... welll some one comment on this stuff i would like 2 read what people have 2 say it would be nice. and i almost forgot hi heather yeah she is a vegitables person ( doesnt eat meat) shes pretty cool nick introed me 2 her l8t_RCOOKSeY


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