Sunday, October 16, 2005

My Favorite Things:)

My Favorite Stuff * Hangin out with my buddies * Music * Guitars ! * RAIN !!!!! * Tennis :) * Hot Chocolate * Taco * Taco's in a bag * Ag day's *Sitting on roof's * Sitting alone anywhere high up ( top of stadium ect..) * Church ! * God of course :) * Scary movies * Stupid Movies * Water ballon fights * OLD PEOPLE !!!!! THEY ROCK MY SOCKS OFF !!!:D:D:D:D * Lil kids, as long as they dont make me wanna beat them much * Mandrin Oranges...expecially when Im usin an orange fork * Spy music ( weird I know) * Bright Colors *Fall !!:D:D * Getting so incredibly lost in the ghettos of Mt.Vernon.. (lol Chels) * Running.. although not so much with large amounts of ppl * CSI ! * Corrupted television ( aka Degrassi shhh) * Swimming in my clothes... I havent worn my suit in forever * When school just starts * Band ( That's right, I'm a band geek and proud of it ! ) *To be continued... mainly because im half alseap and drooling


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