Monday, October 10, 2005

Music and Movies: My Release

Hey Over these last two weeks I have noticed my increase in watching Movies and listening to Music a)when I'm not working and b) not sleeping. I have found the possible conclusion to this: M and M are my release of both anger and depression. Ok so I haven't fully got to the depressed part yet but I am quite upset at the moment due to a family issue. I watch the Kiddies movies especially when I need to smile, you know the whole "Happily Ever After" thing. And I find that Rock music (especially some good Blindspott) makes me wanna bounce up and down thus creating endorphins. (Thanks to for checking my spelling of endorphins!). Even a really good scary movie can help I mean if anything it gives ya exercise from all the jumping! Sure shopping and chocolate are always good but who wants to spend money when you've got a perfectly good Radio to listen to. "Free as the mighty polar bear" - as of the words of the Telecom guy(ya know who im talking about!).Its a kinda strange thing that I have discovered in Movies but as far as Music is considered has always been a way that I have been able to release not just anger but misery aswell. Luv, Flizz


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