Thursday, October 13, 2005

lonely flower

Lonely Flower Little Flower why do you look sad Life for you cannot be that bad But I guess in a way you are just like me Grounded to this earth and never free All alone you sit and you seem to cower You droop more and more every hour I suppose all things living have their ups and downs But our bodies shake it off with a frown When I look at you I can see tears But why do you cry you have no fears Is it because you feel all alone in this vast place? Even when you look around there never seems to be a friendly faceYes little flower I feel this way to But theres really nothing I can doWe will both have to get on with the life that we lead Just like every growing seedSo little flower wipe those tears from your eyes Theres really no need for you to cryI left the flower all alone outside Tomorrow I will see the puddle she has cried When I looked out of my window the next day The sad little flower seemed to have gone away


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