Saturday, October 15, 2005


I can't tell you how sick and tired of the glitches there are with this MSN spaces! I go to post an entry and it disappears. I go to post a comment and it post's it twice!!!! GRRRRR! But I'm not gonna let it bug me. I'm going on vacation tomorrow. I was supposed to go toVegas but Missy couldn't get her shit together.And she tells me last night that it's back on. Like I'm supposed be all happy that she can go now. Because for me it's now too expensive for me to fly because it's like 400 and with me moving in a couple of weeks it's just not smart. If I could have bought mine like2 weeks ago when I wanted to I could have gotten mine for like 236. and that would have been fine but now I'm notgoing it's the mature resposible thing to do.So I'll be hanging around all week with nothing to do. Well Kozy has already offered to try and entertain me. I may try and hit the ocean for a few days. I guess we'll see. I'm not sure I want to go alone but I don't really want to take anyone else with me. I guess we'll see. So I know your all dying to know what I did this weekend. I broke tradition. Well kinda. I didn't shoot in the tournament on Friday like I normally do instead I went to Kozy and big suprise.... drank. Ok so He had some friends over and all but one of them left before I got there. So it was Justin Kozy and I. We were drinking watiching a movie A Dirty Shame. It is really weird kinda kinky but dumb. I'm not sure I would even say go rent it. So were drinking, it's getting late and I'm getting pretty drunk. So Kozy takes me off to bed. Justin has duty at like 530 any way. And it's about 1. Atleast that's what timeI think it was.So I guess when Kozy and I got to his room wewere so preoccupied that we forgot to close his bedroom window.Oops! I guess his apartment manager came by whileJustinwas on the porch having a smoke and asked asked him to tell us to keep it down.Well he never told us. So the next morning when Kozy was taking out the garbage his neighbor stopped him. The conversation as follows Neighbor: My wife wanted to ask you how you made her scream like that? Kozy: I don't know I was just doing my thing. Maybe your wife should talk to her. When Kozy told me this I was crackin up. I mean I didn't think it was that loud but I guess it was. So yep that was it. Saturday was boring I did how ever find out that bright blue panties will show through khaki capri's so you will either have to wear jeans or you will have to go comando.Thiswas ahistoric moment for me. I went comando. It was very liberatingnow I know why Missy does it all the time. I was quite impressed with my self that I went a whole day with no panties. YayMe! Now I'm not saying I would do it all the time because I think taking off clothesisvery sexy, but Ican see myself doing it more often in the future. Saturday night Iwent to Dani and Jared's had dinner with them and Saul and Monica. Dan called to see if every thing was cool cuz I didn't go to Danny's on Friday. Sunday I hung out at Terri's and stuff. Missy Monica and I played league last night. We won!!!! We finnally beat Angi's team. No one else had. Kozy came to watch. Ok so Ryan is seriously pissing me off. I cannot belive he is acting like he is. So I have his gift but he's mad because I haven't gotten to to him. He says that no one cares because on one got him a gift. Well I'm sorry but I would have rather had him come to my b-day than him go to a U2 concert. Yes he got me a gift and I have his gift but the last time he came over I was not in my right mind. Seriously a cat had just died in my arms!!!! I wasn't thinking about his stupid gift. Oh well he's stupid. And I'm spent! Top Ten Amish Spring Break Activities 10. Drink molasses until you heave.9. Attend a wet bonnet contest.8. Tear a page out of the room directory and totally trash it.7. Throw a "Key of Buttermilk Party".6. Blow past the Dairy Queen on a really hot Clydesdale.5. Get a tattoo that says: "Born to Raise Barns."4. Dare to wear a see-through smock to bed.3. Sleep in until 6:00 a.m.2. Cop a glance, behind a checkout counter, of the front cover of aPlayboy magazine.1. Churn butter naked.


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