Monday, October 24, 2005

friday night

Well, today was an interesting one. i actually went to all my doctors appts. I also went to viney's, and DewHill. Kelly came and picked me up today and we were hanging out for awhile with random people, and then I was with Alisha. I love Alisha. We went out for icecream before she went to work. kelly tried calling her after but noone picked up. I'll post pictures of us on here later. Kelly later on ditched me at a party and I almost didn't have a ride home bcwhen she did come back she had a car full. SOme guy named Matt gave me a ride home. I talked to Corey tonight and the reason he broke up with me is bc he's not ready. He's appearantly trying to figure hislife out right now and just went into "hiding." WHy couldn't he have just told me that? Am I the only honest person around here? Geez. Java Jr's called back and he wants me to call him ASAP! Yay! I want to bring in photo's as well! We'll see. Maybe I'lljust give him the disk with all my photos on it..Who knows..But look in June 21 for my aswesome photography..Well, I like it so, maybe you won't. but thats cool. taters!


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