Saturday, October 22, 2005

Feeling Hella Good!!

Once upon a time, there was a crazed Professor Ber. She decided to mix happiness, wealth, and just a little stealth to make a pack of perfect happy, sappy, rich, ninja warriors. Unfortunately, she accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction... EXTRACT OF MASHED POTATO!! And **b0oF!** it becameCOCO CRUNCH BEAR!! CocoCrunch Bear roamed the world, turning wheatfields into into tiny chocolatey, biscuity thingys. Children all over the world ate these thingies for breakfast. And thus, Coco Crunch Bear TOOK OVER THE UNIVERSE!..ity.... I'm so happy, so fricking happy!! And its for no reason!! Gone for today are my gothic poetry and my sad views of life! Hello soup, smiles, sunflowers and whatever else begins with S!! ** The littlest elf romped around one day, looking for someone to play. The littlest elf skipped down the path felling so happy and GAY! The littlest elf, though he didn't stand high, was actually notvery tall, in fact, he was really small. The littlest elf went to save the world from the attack of the Coco Crunch Bear. He died in attempt Because he forgot about his lactose-intolerent hair. And that my dears, is the story of an elf, and a moral is due. Don't save the world if you're smaller that 3 foot 2.


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