Friday, October 21, 2005


hey everybody, I leave for Wayne state in 3 days. I wish that people would just let me have a NORMAL relationship with Shawn. Seriously, there is so much drama going on that i am just SICK of it. I am thisclose to just saying fuck it you can date who you want, if it's me great, if it's not me, well, i would be devastated but it's hard to say who he wants these days. People say it's me, people say it's someone else. I know on his space it says that about his girlfriend (me) and how he never wants to leave me,but he has all these girl friends. I know i may appear jealous,but he says that's a sign that he's going to leave me: Having lots of girls over at his house and him hanging out with a bunch of girls. I'm confused. He always is talking with girls or whatever. I love him I don't know why he insists on "looking" i know it's a guy thing. But it's a guy thing that remains a mystery to me. IT doesn't hurt any less. I have been worried sick, literally worried sick, that when i'm in college there are going to be all of those girls coming out of the woodwork and theyr'e going to supposedly "see me" with some douche bag of a guy, and it's going to cause all sorts of problems with shawn. I am worried sick, ( i have gotten sick a couple of times today) about this subject. I just want him to love me. Thats all that im asking. is for him to love me. Dana


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