Tuesday, September 06, 2005

You're Beautiful..Its true..(song by james blunt)

Hey It seems like lots of ppl read this blog..everytim i talk to some1,they're like 'hold on,im readin ur blog..' i mean,y read the blog if u have the real thing online? AND, if u take the time to read it,then pls take the time to write some comments or somin,so i no u read it,tht u care and how i cud improve it..I added a new albumon this space,dedicated to my friends,so every1 make sure they see it..if u consider urself a friend of mine,send me a pic of u,to firo08@gmail.com ..the reason lots of u arent there is coz i justdont have pictures of u alone..so send me them..im also gona make an album of grad pics and tree plantin pics together soon,wen i get some time..To All you Indians and Pakistanis out there, Happy Independance Day!! Ah..days pass by quickly,dont they?it seems like yday tht my last exam finished on the 28th of june.. So much crap has happened since then tho.. 3 more ppl leavin tomm,(funny,they're all going to the same place but they're on 3 diff airlines..)and one of them is hasan,who's been gr8 to me for the past few yrs,so HASAN,HOPE U HAVE A GR8 TIME IN TORONTO!!I feel like a million dollars right now..i dunno,i just feelgr8 abt myself..its like i got my second wind in life(yes,i do no ur supposed to get tht wen ur like 60yrs old..)been runnin 6kms everyday..damn hard,but i can see the effects(and i dont mean the pain in my legs)..Today,i went out wit a lot of ppl to say goodbye to hasan(altho he leftat 5pm) and i was surprised how many ppl are actually here..ive been back in dubai for 3 weeks and this is the first time ive seen them..it just shows how lazy ppl are here..myaim for the next week? gettin to 10kms a day..now,THT wud be somin i didnt dream of gettin to..2 Days till Alevels come out..Hadnt thought abt it till yday(Olevels came out yday)..Just rememberd how bad my AS eco was..just hope i get a C..my dad wud roast me if i got worse..shud never have done it,hopefully,theres a way i can cancel it..if ne of u no how i cud,tell me ASAP!! i dont think LSE will even send a conditionaloffer for some1 who failed eco AS..even if idid get a 5 in AP eco.. I heard the funniest thing and i wana spread it to the 4 corners of the world so here goes..Registration for AUS is goin on now and on the 21st theyhave a trip planned,so tht students can get acquainted..do u no were they're goin? SAHARA CENTRE!!HAHAHAHAHA i mean,if ur payin this much money,dont u think theycud take u somewere else?HMM..lol..and uwe said choueifat was cheap..It seems like my trip to england has been postponed till december..so im stuck here till sept..oh well...Have Fun pplF I R O


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