Thursday, September 01, 2005

Who, what, where, when?

Very disapointing game last night. So disapointing in fact, that I couldn't watch anymore football for the rest of the night. It's sad when I choose to watch a documentary series on the SS instead of watching Michael Vick rush for 119 yards. But such is life. I will be watching the Colts-Patriots game today though. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I hate the Patriots with a passion. (There are various reasons for this;most of them are the usual sports partisian thing; but most of all, it's just that the Patriots are too damn good and they're always beating my team when it counts.) So, go Colts; f the Patriots. (And f Tom Brady.) Youmight have thought that I'd be writing much more about myself and much less about football. What about the band, you say? Aren't you in a band? Isn't there always some stupid bullshit going on with your band? What's going on with your lady friend Ida? When are you getting married? When are you getting divorced?? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm warming up to all that and I'll get there. (Eventually.) It's the playoffs right now and soon comes the Super Bowl. Now that the Jets aren't playing, I'll turn my attention to more weightier matters. Such as, how much does the crushing weight of sin weigh?


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