Monday, September 05, 2005

A Week and a Half

So school starts in a week and a half and I'm freaking out right about now. I got my schedule today. Mom, Brian and I walked around and saw where my classes were and stuff. Yeah it sucks cuz we have a two story schooland my first class is upstairs, my second is down, my third is up, and so on and so forth all day. There are never two in a row on the same floor. Brian said I wouldn't have to use the stair stepper or the gym ever again. Lol... and he's kind of right. I hope it's not that bad. I pray to God that I can get through my first day. I tried to get Brian to come back to school with me. But he won't. But he says that he'll come eat lunch with me on his days off so it won't be too bad. My morning will be pretty good cuz I have creative writing, French, and english. All in a row. Those will be fun. Then I have chemistry, geometry, psychology, and history. (Blah!) Well I don't have much to say except for you guys to wish me luck. Cuz I am sooo freaking out. One good thing..... I got a top locker. Lol... Later all. ~ Clarissa Daniele ~


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