Monday, September 12, 2005

today is monday

to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wiild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour i cant seem to get down doing my essay! sigh this is my third attempt and im tired! -pulls hair- hate it when there's no inspiration to do ath. cant believe im wasting my time here instead of putting more effort in my essay. sigh. help! ruth's in distress! -boing boing- have a sudden urge to go swimming now. haha. brandon's crowned as my WEIRDEST friend. he does weird things, like coming over to my house at 10.30pm to swim. and when i looked out of the window at 11.30pm, whenit was alr completely dark and i was half expecting him to be gone alr,i seethis strange figure in the pool. haha so i did wad any other normal person would do. i shouted his name. silence. oh dear. it is him? oh no i think i just made a fool outta myself! oops. brandon? yes? haha! bingo! so late alr still dont want to go home? haha! cant believe we were conversing like tt! i was sitting on the ledge of my window five storeys up in a blockand he wasstanding down therein the pool! in the middle of the nite! wad an amusing sight! haha but it was totally cool to be talking like that tho the whole estate can hear us! haha should really try it next time! wad a nice way to end the day! :) oh.. btw that was yesterday! hee, today is still present tense. how i wish it can be past tense soon. -yawns- ruth! back to pc essay pls! :( -trotters off-


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