Sunday, September 18, 2005

Today, I miss you!

Today, I miss you, my dear roommate, miss you so. Originating from a chatabout smoking friends, I start remembering everything from us, from our beautiful 10 minutes at the top floor of our dormitory. A whole year and a half, we talked to each other in another beautiful language besides ours, and we enjoyed the beautiful lives in collage -- we were so young that time, and we were so excited about what is around us, from the green grape trees between football pitch toattracting video games in computer rooms. At the top floor, wind was crazy, your long hair danced, our laughter danced. I never forget those days, you remember? One day I was announced I could take part in the English Speech of our collage -- standing for computer institute, you were so glad for me, and I was too nervous to speak one word just like an ant falling into water because there would be some free talk in English during the speech. In order to make me feel easy, you suggested we went to the top floor to practise free talk. I agreed. So there was the longtime chat in English even after the speech. We talked about different topics, just a short 10 minutes at noontime, but those were the happiest period because a new habit was born. Besides that, we eated ice cream in winter, exchanged the experience of video games (what happened thatmy free topic of the speech is video games), you fellow told me sth aboutyour handsome teacher and the best method to sleep in class to let me know what was 'real collage life! Those were what I never forget. Maybe we were just common roommates, and unlike smoking friends, we did not need anything to make us feel free, the 10_minute chat was enough. Miss the ice cream in winter which made us trembling, miss the crazy wind on the top floor, miss the green scene we saw, miss the handsome boys we looked to, miss the 8 beds in our room, miss other sisters on the same ship, miss your no_end experience of how to become a real collage student, and miss you, miss you so!


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