Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ten pound balls

I am so fucking sore... I swear that gym coach is trying to kill our asses form the bottom up so when she starts to chase us with her assault riffle we wont be able to run away...Damn...Today I got hit rite between the boobiess with a ten poundmedicine ball...I started coughing up stuff I didn't even know my body could produce. Then we had to do suicide drills. I kinda spaced out when she sed 'go' so I started last but my partner,sophia, and I were the first ones done...Anyway, The Third day of school and I'm already sick of those assholes. I mean I have alot of people in my classes that I go way back with (like Hannah, Sophia, Deshae...The list can go on for almost forever) They're cool and all, It's just those damn shitheades. Like I was saying in my last entry, they're all the same. Today there was this big ass group of guys talking about how they were all homophobic and they were saying all this shit... I wanted to go over there and slap the shit outta each and every one of them. It pissed me off because I bet none of them have ever gotten to really know a gay person. This, like the race issue, all goes back to stereotypes. Just because you hear something about a group of people doesn't make it true.( andpeople are people. It doesn't matter if you're white, black, latin, indian, asian, gay, bior strait. People are people and that is never ever going to change)And then instead of finding out for themselves they just assume... It's fucking amazing what people will beleive these days. If someone told them that cars ran on dog shit you'd see everyone holding their dogs asses up to their gas tanks... Anyways...After four days, I'm not so sure if I can do four more months in that class. Like I sed, I'd better loose some of that xtra baggage I've been haulin' around (not all just some) Thosebitches just need to whatch where they throw that damn medicine ball... Friendly reminder: Don't even start to fuckin bitch to me if you dont even know what the fuck you're sayin... Kyra She's the angel on top of the tree. Sugarheart, here she comes, she's gonna fall on me. Innocence was her fire. We told the truth. I miss the sweet boys in the summer loving youth Swing low, cherry cherry. Yeah, it's awful. He's drunk. He tastes like candy. He's so beautiful. He's so deep, like dirty water. God, he's awful. You're lost, oh, where's your daddy? It's so awful. Hate, Hate your enemies Save, save your friends Find, find your place Speak, Speak the truth


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