Saturday, September 10, 2005

Oodles of Noodles

Today was great, being able to sleep-in once again. Not a lot happened today so far, and I'm not for sure if anything will happen later on. I got up this morning, ate breakfast (it was actually two cookies that I made last night with a large glass of milk), cleaned myself up, and then did whatever. I played my SNES for a while. I played this game, and I always forget the name of it, but it has 4 Mario games on it. I played the original Mario Bros. and then played Mario Bros. 3. I tried playing Mario Bros. The Lost Levels but I died a lot so I just decided to go upstairs. Hmm. I recently, like 20 minutes ago, finished eating some spicy Korean noodles. Now, as you all know, they are alled Ramen noodles. However, not everyone pronounces Ramen the same. Some claim that it's pronounced "Rah-men" noodles while others, like myself, claim it's "Ray-men." A very significant and good lookingperson (whose intelligence I have never doubted) has pointed out to me that I'm wrong, as well as the rest of SEK lol. Anywho, yeah, I made those noodles, oodles of them, ate them and enjoyed some sticky rice. It was yummy yummyin my tummy. Another thing that I guess I can talk about while I'm here is that I put a computer in my room today. One of my mom's friends won this drawing for a Dell computer. Well her friend knew what a big pile of lard our computer has turned into and decided she'd get that computer all fixed up and give it to us. I decided that it'd be perfect for me to put my pictures on, download my music to, and whatever else I want to put on it instead of junking up the new computer we're supposedly getting around Christmas time. So yeah, I got it all moved back into my room, cleaned off my desk (I threw most of my papers in a drawer) and got the computer ready to go. Welp, the freaking power cord is missing so I'm going to have to use the power cord from this computer to see if that computer would be worth keeping. We'll have to pay $50 for it, but if it's like brand new then it should be worth it. By the way, when I was cleaning off my desk I found this letter that I got back in June regarding college financial aid. I totally forgot to fill it out and submit it and it turns out the deadline is August 31st so I filled it out and mailed it today. It's weird how some things work. For some reason I decided to go through my papers before throwing them into the drawer. I almost just threw them in it but for some mysterious reason I went through the pile. Who knows, maybe I'll get a full ride to KU (very unlikely, but sounds nice)! Welp, I dunno what I'm gonna be doing this evening. I know I'll be going to Mass at 5:30 and then who knows what after that. I wanted to go out with some friends but some of them might be busy and there really isn't anything to do around here. We were going to go bowling, but it's a lot more fun to have a bunch of people go bowling instead of just two or three so that might not happen. Ah well, whatever happens happens and I'm sure I'll be ahappy little starfish in the end. Have a great weekend. Jourdey. ***KU Colors!***


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