Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No AC, and no FM and no regrets...

...In My Chevette For those of you who arent cued up on your Christian Music, just thought I would throw out some old school Audio Adrenaline for ya! I have officially checked into my dorm (Kroske Hall #217...come visit me!) and will be checking out of Gretschmann tomorrow at 5:30. This will be my last night with my own kitchen and an air conditioner and its kind of sad. I like going home to a freezer instead of a sauna and i like being able to cook in my own space instead of using the community kitchen downstairs. Tonight I am going to be a bad girl (lol like thats possible) and order pizza in celebration that I got my loan check today and also because of the fact that i am really sick of eating ramen noodles and i need a break from eating that stuff. Its only eight days until I leave for the Bahamas for my missions trip and its kind of strange...its going to be an experience that im sure will open my eyes just because of the different culture and way of life down there. Pray for me during the time that I will be gone.


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