Thursday, September 29, 2005


Ok so today I did the usual went to work and came home it was pretty boring but work was pretty fun actually. We had a couple huge water fights it was me and steven against amber who was on her own team and then jason it was a lot of fun but I got soaked and a couple of the kids kept getting into it and when they would get wet they would cry, so we would all have to stop and yeah but it was a lot of fun. And then at my break kayla came and picked me up and we went to the malt shop and steven and jason fucking gave me orders of this shit load of food to pick them up but at least they paid for it and everything. Today I really missed Dillon today its hard hanging around steven cause he is so much like Dillon I mean he likes to skate and i dont know hes just like him its crazy, he even has the same shoes as dillon does you know his green etnies. I dont know just talking to him makes me miss dillon so much it hurts. But I should be able to talk to dillon tomorrow I think thats when hes coming home at least from his fishing trip. so that will be nice well i got to go eat so peace out west side


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