Friday, September 09, 2005

Losing sucks!

Well today (Wednesday the 13th) was horrible! Our co-ed softball team finished the season today; we ended up getting 3rd place which sucks because we won the whole tournament last year. But considering we lost our first game last week and then went on to win four straight, we did pretty well...but it still sucks! We were so close to beating the team that lost to us last year to get into the championship game. We were down like 9-1 after the 1st inning, but in one inning (I think the 4th), we belted in 12 runs, so then we were actually up by 3. However, in the final inning (the 7th--we don't play 9), it was tied but we scored one run. Since they were the home team, they had last bats. We had 1 out and they had a runner on 3rd, and then the batter up hit a pop fly, which she tagged on and ended up scoring the winning run. The whole co-ed softball league hates the team that beat us (the team is from Jackson and are the most cockey and undesirable team to play with), so we had a whole cheering section of 3 other league teams; but, we came up just a little short. I was so pissed I didn't even stay to watch the championship game, so I don't know if they won or not...if they would of won they would of had to the beat the team they were playing two times, so hopefully they didn't! Well, that's enough ranting from me... I was going to go to Kelso's in Spirit Lake with Mary, Jenny Anderson, and Dano tonight, but because we were still playing softball I didn't get to go over-- yes, we were playing softball from 6-11 PM!! A lot of softball in one night..well, I hope they had fun. I also missed my opportunity to go on a walk with Scott...yep, playing softball so we'll have to make that one up some other night (haha). I ended up getting work off so I can go up with Mary to the cities this Friday which I'm very excited about; however, Scott couldn't get work off at Cenex, so that sucks...but what can you do? Oh, I also received an e-mail from Julia Keller tonight (a foreign exchange student from Switzerland), so it was really nice to know what she was up to and how things in Switzterland were. Well, can't think of anything else remotely exciting in my life so that's all for today, or I guess it's actually tomorrow (the 14th) now. I'm sleepy sleepy, so nighty night!!


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