Saturday, September 03, 2005

Joys of Homemaking

Ther is a stoped drain in the bathtub, so that when you drain the tub all the water comes out on the floor. The faucet on one of the kitchen sinks is worn down so it sprays water all over the kitchen, and that drain doesn't look too good either, though it's not stopped yet. The electrition never called back to tell me when he can come, and he can only be reached in the afternoon. And I have to call the landlady and explain all this. She is such a sweet old lady and I hate to bother her... I watched Hidalgo for the first time. It was ok. Not great but I enjoyed it anyway. It was kind of like a fary tale instead of true-stroy/historical. and I had a hard time keeping track of who all the charecters were. I havn't had time/energy to post on any of the sites I belong to. I just have so much going on still getting setteled in this new place, and that's almost all I can think about. who want's to hear me going on and on about plumbing problems? hm? I thought not. And my husband usually needs the computer in the morning, so I can't get involved in anything long, like chatting with Glori. I have to figure out some way. I miss chating with her.


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