Wednesday, September 21, 2005

holy shiz

holy shiz my cali entry got cut short, holy mother!! that sux butt... Okay i am in love with Tim Burton he's my IDOL!!! My BIGGEST idol, and i'm gonna be first in line to see Corpse Bride on September 23rd, yes thats right SEPTEMBER 23RD mark your calanders!!! And in case ya'll dont know, Tim Burton is the director of Nightmare before Christmas and Willy Wanka, that man is a directing genious i swear it too you, i saw the trailer for Corpse Bride and it looks totally freaked out, i love scarry angst stuff!! So-- remember, thats september 23rd and make plans to go see it opening day!!BUT if the movie ends up stupid, that would be sad. If its stupid then i will burn it to the ground! HAHAHAA!!


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