Saturday, September 17, 2005

grrrrrrr...stupid district.....

Grrr....... stupid district.... The bellevue school district is really dumb. they are trying to warp I.S. into something its not:normal. just take me for example. if you know me, you know that i am not normal, and at my school, i am not alone. well anyway, they are trying to forcibly move our fivorite teacher for only one reason: she spoke out against the district and how she doesn't like how the district is run. also she talked about how she prefered our old principle's (dion's) ways of doing things to tom's(current principle). and yes i know i am probably spelling principle wrong, but i am too mad to care. So Dr. Reiley isn't happy because she is being move for personal reasons and we are all trying to butt into his personal life, BUT HIS PERSONAL LIFE SCHOULDN'T INFLUENCE HIS JOB!!!!! please talk to your parents and get them to talk to their district rep.s(if you are in the bellevue school district) and get them to vote down Dr. reiley. he has been arround too long, and his pushing for near manditory AP is driving us all to failure. grr...... sorry... i really had to vent. anyway. that's all i have to say. thankyoufor your time. there are some articles in the King County Journal about this. go to the archive at and search for international school. all of them should be rather recent. i especially liked Dr. Reiley's BS. anyway. that's all!


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