Friday, September 30, 2005

got ya!!!

On the way back form Hobart to Launceston, thereare a lot ofresting areas and toilet facilities. I stopped my caron one of themto stretch my leg and walk around. The really dark night and clear sky allowed me to enjoy a night sky and thesouthern hemisphere constellations even it was so cold out there. While admiring the stars I heard asound rightbehind me. As soon as that soundemerged my ears I turned back, looked through the dark andhardly saw anything. Where was that sound come from?More importantly, whatmade that sound? I, then, looked around and finallyrealized that that sound was coming from the rubbishbin not so far from where I stood. Wondering whatwas it inside the bin, I went back to my car, pickup my friend's camera, sat there in front of the bin andpointed the camera, ready to shoot,to where the sound came from. After about 15 minutes of sitting there in the middle of nowhere duringthe quietnight with a rather thick jumper, I got ya!!! PS. I am not so sure about this but I think it is a possum, an Australian creature.


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