Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Ghost Story & Bible quotes...

No body believes ya when ya tell'm you saw a ghost. I mean its almost like they think Casper is just made up or somethin'. Well I have a story I have to tell ya. One day I was walkin along with my best friend and we both saw this GHOST by the library one evening after a photography class...he said...HEY look its a SPIRIT...when I looked all I saw was a kinda man shapped blur...but our curiousity got the best of us and we approached it...sure enough, it was a ghost, and he wanted to we let him jabber for a while and then, needing to get home before we both lost driving priveliges for six years, we told him as politely as we could that we had to leave...what is it? he asked, dont you believe I am a ghost? put his head into the wall, then his arm and one leg...I had film in mycamera so I asked him if I could take a picture, and he agreed...In fact, we took quite a few with him posing in various ways to demonstrate that he was indeed a ghost...The next day we got so excited that we took the film to a one hour photo, retrieved the finished prints and raced home to show our parents who were pretty ticked at us, first for being late and then for trying to tell them we were late because we had seen a ghost... We first went to my friends house to show his mother, and get him out of the dog house...she opened the envelope and looked at each of the 3x5 prints...raising her eyes and looking at us kinda funny. Finally after looking at all of them she got kinda angry...WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR some kinda FOOL...we looked at the pictures and they were just pictures of the WALL the ghost used to prove he was a image of any ghost......I just didnt understand, where was the ghost?...she got really confrontational and said to us...HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS?...after a few minutes it came to me...I had to appeal to her believing side...well ma'am I offered...I think I know the answer...OK she said lets hear it..and it had better be GOOD! Well, obviously, The spirit was willing but the Flash was weak... On another occasion while attending College I used to have to walk up a hill to class...about midway up ten flights of stairs was a tunnel, about fifty feet long but well lit and very was abitterly cold morning when I followed a young coed up the stairs. I could see her breath as she nearly ran, ahead of me. As we entered the tunnel the wind gusted the below zero temperatures, and the cold went right thru me. She stopped for a second to adjust her books, and I approached her...WWWWOW I chattered, its SSSSSOOOO CCCCCOLD, have you ever sssssseen such bbbbbitter cccccold?......She looked at meseriously andsaid.... Hon, Many are Cold but FEW are Frozen....she then turned and hurried away... Dont you just love it when people quote the Bible?


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