Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Fugly Duckling

The Fugly Duckling Oncea very long time ago, there was a duckling, a duckling of 6 duckisters and duckothers. This ducklings name was erik kodmac, interesting name indeed, but remember a fugly name for a fugly duckling this all ties into the story. This duckling had a severe shmelting accident on the day of birth therefore the duckling had green legs and a slight bald spot that was only visible when the sun was facing south and hit the tip juuust right. Well...the duckling and its 6 isters and others and mother were strolling along in the pond one beautiful siren day when the duckling was approached by aicela and herpartner in crimeellehsim now aicela was a horny toad and her friend ellehsim was a hippo. The toad and the hippo noticed how fugly the duckling was and how green her legs were. "DAAAAMN!" said the hippo "WTF happened to you?!" "DAMN, SOMEONE FUCKED YOU UP!" commented the toad. Tears came to the ducklings eyes "Im the fugly duckling" "DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE!" they replied "They should punish you for being so fugly". The hippo and toad went on their way and to the ducklings surprise SHE HAD BEEN STRANDED BY HER ISTERS AND OTHERS! "WAAAAAA" cried out the duckling "IF ONLYIWERENT SO GREEN, BALD AND UGLY! WAAAAAAA".The next thing to happen was unpredictable! The duckling wondered into the darkest part of the pond where the voodoist alligator yentruoc lived. The alligator spotted the duckling "AHA! ALAST! FEASTING TIME!" the alligator snatched up the duckling "SHALAMAHYA SHALAMAHYA OOOGLAY DUUUUCKLAY FUGLY DUCKLY" the alligator chanted as the duckling was roasting in a south western spicy caujin sauce.The duck was about to meet her DOOM! The hippo and horny toad also arrived for this ceremony "FUGLY DUCK!" the hippo yelled, "OFF WITH HER LEGS" the toad added "OOOGLAY DUUUUCKLAY NO DESERVE TO LIIIIVAY!" and with that said in one clean swift sever to the knee cap the alligator ripped off the ducklings green legs as an appitizer REMEMBER YOU MUST EAT YOUR GREENS!!! ...And the rest was history! And NOW for the corny intro to the author... lol **This wonderful and touching story was written by another good friend of mine, Mishelle, we've been through thick and thin... we've had many principal office visits together, and i have a feeling there will be more in the nearfuture. Stay "tuned" i guess, for more awesomely bad stories...


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