Monday, September 19, 2005

CRISTA IS A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111113124rcfdv

Yeah. Well I'm babysitting tonight, yesterday I called Crista and she's all like yeah I can totally help you tomorrow night babysitting(tonight). So I just called her and she's all "sorry I can't cause Anthony (her cousin) is sleeping over." It's like FINE WHATEVA JUST CANCEL PLANS TO CHILL WITH ANTHONY>>>>!>!>!>!?!@lfjlksfad lol. it's all good. I <3 Anthony. He rocks. But I'm still piiiszzzsed a bit at Crista. Because nobody else can help me so I'll be all alone tonight, it's gonna be extremely boringggg WEll IIIIIIIII'm gonna go. Have a totally awesome evening, ya'll. 6 FooooKIN DAYS! -Kristin


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