Friday, September 23, 2005

The Beginning of Spring Break

Hello...How's it going?...well cold unfeeling computer it's between you and me and anyone else who is interested. I slept pretty much every chance I had the opportunity to today in school..floral design sucks butt cheeks, don't ever get into it, it's only good for sleeping sometimes..if we dont have work..well maybe it's because I have Mr. Ritchie..he's all senile.. Anyhow, I also slept in biology after I lost the whole ecosystem game...I'm such a sore loser, I didn't really lose..but I lost one card out of two in a "challenge", it was similar to playing Pokemon, and I was mad because well with one I just gave it away and slept. I went over to Sam's as usual after school and pigged out...yum..then I conked out on the couch and she had to help my semi sleep drunk butt get to her bedroom. We made it and guess what? I slept again. I slept when I got home too. I love's delicious. I'm anticipating Saturday so bad, I'm going to see Jay, My love! He's from San Antonio, we met through Sam, I love him! Well, I'm seeing him on Saturday, hopefully. I wanted to go to the carnival today...I called Abby, but as usual she's busy, I can't blame her. I miss the good times..when it was just Abby, Manny, and I. Anyhow, that's gone and yeah it was hamster is enormously fat now...and has no clue as to operating an exercise wheel..poor him..My Claude!


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