Thursday, September 01, 2005

Batman Begins

I have not updated recently because I have been too lazy . Even though these past few days have been pretty fun for me, I was too lazy to update so I shall do it now. On Saturday, I went to Justins party and ate hella meat (and I do emphasize on "hella"). But, before that I went shopping with loud Maaaaaagaret and dear Sarah. Ya Margarets driving was quite scary I had to keep my seat belt on the whole time. We went to Arden and walked around and Sarah and I saw Margaret spent money like itwas nothing (probably because she has a job unlike most of us). We were hella hungry after all that exercise walking around the mall so we went to Jamba Juice to grab a drink and a bite. I get to use up the ten dollars worth of Jamba Card in that one trip. We ate so much especially Margaret damn she was a monster I got rather scared when I saw her swallowing large chucks of bread while I tore up little bites to chew on. It was really cool hanging out and shopping with you two though, I enjoyed it even though I hated shopping. Afterthe feast at Jamba Juice,we went to Justins house to party. Justins party was fun as usual (Thanks Justin ); we get to play Air Hockey, watch weird videos, enjoy each others company, play that ADDICTIVE ass (yet old) tennis game, and the BEST and my personal FAVORITE part of all EAT LOTS AND LOTS OF MEAT!! Damn I should have taken a picture of the food table, hella food (more than four types of meat ) this time because of all those other people in Justins house. Today David, Allan, Ray Park, Chen, and I went to go see that new movie Batman Begins. Damn bastards came to my house all of a sudden and told me to come out all dressed up and ready to go in two minutes wtf I thought I was supposed to walk to Allans house first you asswipes ! The movie was better than I had expected though. At first I was reluctant to go watch the movie because I had the false impression that it would be the same type of Batman movie about the same damnBruce W.where he saw his parents get shot andpissed his pants when he sawbats and so he suddenly became Batman . Boy, was I wrong. It was a lot better than that and it also touches on somepsychological stuff on fear and some other minor things. I can rant about fear and its philosophical ramifications right now, but I am too lazy, so I shall not. The point is Batman Begins was a GREAT movie. I highly recommend you guys to go watch it with your friends or download it/rent it someday for you cheap asses out there (such as myself included, of course).


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