Sunday, September 04, 2005

Another stepping stone I wont fall in

Yesterday i learned that i must have surjury . Brain surjury. Not that i have one. Its just part of my anatomy. Makes up the upper part of my body so my ears, eyes and nose have a place to attach to. I have a tumor at the base of my skull on the left side which is growing. On June 9th . the DRs . will remove it by surjury. I have had my share of surjuries. Including a lower lumbar surjury, C.T. S. surjury, total hyst, pacemaker implantitation, heart transplant, and 2 total hip replacements. Now a craniology surjury. Oh you say i should be as good as I am no bionic woman either. lol I am certainly not getting use to surjury either. Yes am still scared .Yes i still want to be on the prayer list.Yes i still believe god will take care of me. Yes i will be glad when it is over. Thanks for listening .


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