Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another Quiz...

OKAY, I have seen this one on several sites lately so I don't feel guilty for poaching it. I'm gonna take it and anybody else who wants to take it, copy and paste it in the comments area...if you dare. It's just another way of exposing myself to ya'all. Boomer GENERAL Blog name = The World as I See it # piercings = ZERO # tattoos = ZERO height = 6'-1" hair color = Blond with some Gray (YUCK) I cant be that old!!! siblings = 1 Sister children = 4... B-22, B-20, G-18, B-14 How old do you look = 40 How old do you act = Depends, How much I've had to drink How old do you feel = 30 Do you have any pets = Yes, Jake the wonder dog LAST... movie you rented = Can't remember movie you bought = Cant remember song you listened to = The whole License to Chill CD - Jimmy Buffet song that was stuck in your head = Trying to reason with Hurricane Season cd you bought = Jimmy Buffet - Live in Hawaii tv show you've watched = Dangerous Jobs - Crab Fishermen DO... you have a secret crush = Yes you wish you could live somewhere else =Yes you think about suicide = HELL NO!!! Life is too good, and I'm not done yet you believe in online dating = Sure others find you attractive = So I've been told you like cleaning = some times you like roller coasters = YES FOR OR AGAINST... long distance relationships = for (if need be) using someone = Why Bother smoking = Sometimes - Cigars Death penalty = Electric chair...Electric couch, Rapeist's, murders, child molesters, repeat offenders HAVE YOU... ever lied to someone? = yes ever been in a fist fight? = yes ever passed out on a street from drinking too much? = Not on a street ever told someone you loved them when you didnt? = no ever cheated on a lover/spouse? = Once at the very end of my first marriage ever cheated on a test? = NO WHAT... shoes do you wear most = Redwing work boots are you scared of = Marrying the wrong person do you want to be when you grow up = happily married is your least favorite chore to do = bathroom makes you the happiest = A great sunset at the beach with someone special upsets you the most = Stupid people and bad drivers and self centered people always makes you smile = Friday Night NUMBER... of times I have been in love = 3 of hearts I have broken = 4 of people I can trust with my life with = 5 of times my name has appeared in the newspaper = Zero of scars on my body = 2 of things in my past that I regret = 2 of times I told people I loved them today = Zero DO YOU THINK YOU ARE... pretty = I'm Not Pretty, but I am easy on the eyes funny = Oh Yes friendly = yes amusing = Yes. Ask anyone ugly = can be if I'm in the mood loveable = most of the time caring = yes sweet = yes sensitive = VERY a putz = yes mean = I can be when pushed to it FAVORITE... 6 letter word = Harley Candy = Almond Rocha Cartoon = The Simpsons Cereal = 7 Grain with nuts Color = Chrome Day of week = Sunday, Church & brunch & bike Season = Autumn Movie = Titanic Book = Chapman Piloting TV Channel = Discovery Channel PERSON WHO LAST... Slept in your bed with you = Deborah Saw you cry = It's been a while Made you cry = It's been a while Yelled at you = Deborah Smiled at you = Patricia Kissed you =Deborah HAVE YOU EVER... Gone out in public in your pajamas = yes Kept a secret from everyone =yes Wished you were the opposite sex = There have been times...not really, I like being a man Stolen someones newspaper = no Borrowed something never meaning to return it= no LOVE Do you believe in love at first sight = Lust at first sight Most important quality to you in a relationship is = HONESTY Who loves you most =My Mom MISCELLANEOUS INFO Do you speak any other languages = Nope Last flavor you tasted = Lemonaide Last noise you heard = Some guy banging the ground with a pick Last smell you sniffed = The rain Last meal you ate = Chicken Last beautiful thing you saw = This morning's sunrise Last emotion you felt = Sadness Favorite item in your home = The fridge Worst feeling in the world = Anger & Hate FINISH THIS SENTENCE: I Love ... myself I Miss ... a good woman I Wish ... for a better tomorrow I Hope ... The war ends soon I Want ... the best for my kids I am ... ready to go fishing Ineed ... A Vacation


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