Friday, September 09, 2005

About Heiwa Do

Heiwa Do - A powerful and very flexible martial art, created by spirit of peace. Techniques are not very spectaculeous, but very effectively. Techniques of Heiwa Do (HWD) is easy to learn, because they are not complicated. HWD includes Wapon techniques for Stick, Machete and Knife. Of course, HWD also is using unwapon tecniques. Still now, HWD is a very unknowing Martial art, which is expanding in Costa Rica very fast. Because of his huge variety on technical and phylosophical background, you cannot compare HWD with any other kind of Martial Art. The main focus of HWD is solving danger situations in our dayly life. It is the reason, why HWD can deliver all demands and requisites of real street fight situations. In other words maybe we could say: the idea of all technics in HWD is, to eliminate the danger in the fastest and in the most efficient way as possible. Firstable HWD is requiring from his students strictly discipline, respect and comradship to each other. HWD students cannot be under 18 years, because of taking theire own responsibilities of those actions and/or desitions. Even HWD avoid strictly any commercial ideas, finally HWD decides to expand in other continents, like Europe and Australia. This desition, to open the doors for everybody have two reason: At first, everybody should have the right, to study and to praxis HWD. At second: HWD wants to give more people in this World the Opportunity to study Heiwa Do- a new Way to protect peace, to bring peace, and to create peace for those people.


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