Friday, September 30, 2005

got ya!!!

On the way back form Hobart to Launceston, thereare a lot ofresting areas and toilet facilities. I stopped my caron one of themto stretch my leg and walk around. The really dark night and clear sky allowed me to enjoy a night sky and thesouthern hemisphere constellations even it was so cold out there. While admiring the stars I heard asound rightbehind me. As soon as that soundemerged my ears I turned back, looked through the dark andhardly saw anything. Where was that sound come from?More importantly, whatmade that sound? I, then, looked around and finallyrealized that that sound was coming from the rubbishbin not so far from where I stood. Wondering whatwas it inside the bin, I went back to my car, pickup my friend's camera, sat there in front of the bin andpointed the camera, ready to shoot,to where the sound came from. After about 15 minutes of sitting there in the middle of nowhere duringthe quietnight with a rather thick jumper, I got ya!!! PS. I am not so sure about this but I think it is a possum, an Australian creature.

State Conference!

OMG! Today I go to Richmond w/ Grace, Jay, Talmadge for State Conference!!! I'm so excited I cant wait! But i'm also SICK!! but i'm getting better! I'll be back sunday afternoon! See y'all when i get BACK!!!! I get to party this weekend!!!!! YAY!!! -MG

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Ok so today I did the usual went to work and came home it was pretty boring but work was pretty fun actually. We had a couple huge water fights it was me and steven against amber who was on her own team and then jason it was a lot of fun but I got soaked and a couple of the kids kept getting into it and when they would get wet they would cry, so we would all have to stop and yeah but it was a lot of fun. And then at my break kayla came and picked me up and we went to the malt shop and steven and jason fucking gave me orders of this shit load of food to pick them up but at least they paid for it and everything. Today I really missed Dillon today its hard hanging around steven cause he is so much like Dillon I mean he likes to skate and i dont know hes just like him its crazy, he even has the same shoes as dillon does you know his green etnies. I dont know just talking to him makes me miss dillon so much it hurts. But I should be able to talk to dillon tomorrow I think thats when hes coming home at least from his fishing trip. so that will be nice well i got to go eat so peace out west side

My life today

WOW! Today is the most entertaining day in my life...all the lecturers were in they are jokin aroun wif us...hahahaha...i mean all of em'...wat a day!Today, in the mornin report at 8am..finish at 5pm...very tired.. REALLY!..durin noon...i was feelin unwell...till nw.. & dunno y???? its hvin fever...MAN! dun lyk hvin it...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Boredom's optional! i think...

Hmm..sitting here doing nothing as usual as you can tell in deep thought lol..but even when I realize that I can get off my bum and find something to do I'm still stuck here. Today I even was inspired to go to Pick n Save and apply but of course right when I'm poor and in desperate need of money they're not hiring baggers. Gotta love Pick n I dunno I might just have to continue the family legacy and apply to DQ but ya never know until than I'll be livin off of quarters jk lol. Oh yea and last night went to the y and swam for like an hour and lifted a lil after too but yea all I can say is it was special...thinkI pulled something in my back when I was lifting so yea I'm not exactly looking forward to swimming starting on AUGUST 8th. Well this weekend looks like its gonna get a little better. A family friend from Belgium is staying at my aunt's for like three weeks and it looks like we're gonna go to a Brodway show--Little Shop of Horrors-- and out to eat with her Sunday. And as for Saturday still open for if anyone wants to do something give me a call. I was thinkin about going to the East vs. West baseball game so let me know. But I better go work on my speech...only 6 days left and I'm free! So until later...


The carrot's in the mail. Look for it in a letterbox near you. It was looking pretty darn ugly on Saturday so I hate to think what it's going to look like by the time it gets to Auckland. I hope it doesn't shrivel up so much the postman can't read the address. For my next act, I am sending a CD. It's not that exciting, I know, but it'll be interesting to see if it's still in a usable condition by the time it gets to its destination. I was going to send it this weekend too, but I thought the postie might get suspicious. Sneaky little bastard. PS. This 'blog' or 'space' is getting a bit bogged down on the 45c stamp challenge. Sorry. I'll try to think of other interesting things to say but don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Waslet il-festa

Waslet il-festa u jien miniex niezla ax tipo albert marid u marli l-aptit kollu li ninzel. Ma nafx imma nhossni bla sens ninzel minajr guvni mijej, ninzel minajr albert, jista jkun li marritli xi skurfina imma tant kemm niehu gost li jkun hemm hu hdejja li minajru nhossni vojta, allura nibqa id-dar jew immur hdejh, imma that way i would feel better. Il-bierah mort nara Stealth ma tnejn minn shabi, film ta l-alla, u qisu kollox gie kif suppost, ax hekk kif wasalt id-dar bqajt niezla il-pjazza u kien adu kif beda il-hruq tan-nar, tipo ma tlift xejn... Illum qomt tard hafna ax ma kelliex al xiex inqum kmieni, qadt nilab ftit fuq il-pc imbad smajt Black Halo kollu, u warajh Epica kollu, diski li jgeluk titbissem. Anyways, all of you out there, enjoy and take care Giliane

falta jente que quiero mucho,

la verdad esque me falta jente que quiero mucho ,pero ya los pondre en mi pagina ,voy lento pero seguro ,de verdad. tratare de poner mas fotos mias ,aunque no me gusta mucho poner fotos de mi ,jajajajaja

Monday, September 26, 2005

ok im ready for a booty call...jk

lol...yea i think that why the break up hurt so bad is bc i knew it was coming but i was afraid to be alone. And i didnt want to be the one left behind...i wanted to be the one who did the leaving....horrible i know but then it wouldnt have hurt so bad. But now that i look back on it, it really wasnt that surprising that david would wanna be with someone else...i mean i am really hard to handle..and i require A LOT of attention and i have to have constant affection, which david would rarely do...he didnt even like to hold hands. I remember walking down the hallway in school and i would go to hold his hand and he would jerk it away from me...that really hurt. I really think that david isnt ready to have a SERIOUS relationship, which is ok but hes gonna be breaking a lot of hearts. Or maybe he just couldnt handle having meas his gf. maybe he just couldnt handle having to care for another person. he prolly forced himself to love me bc i loved him. but w/e....its his loss bc other than the fact that i am spoiled and need constant not that bad. in a month he'll be regretting this and then u know what? its gonna be too late. i will stand strong and will not go back into his arms...i have no room forhim in my life anymore, well as a boyfriend. And i can proudly say that i no longer love david....for now...

I am a...

A Rooster!So you don't quite cluck, in fact, you cockle-doodle-doo. You're more brave than a chicken, but not completely fearless... thus I name you... a rooster. Good for you, but stay away from those sharp objects ;) Do you cluck or do you roar? this quiz was made by alanna

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I am a firm beliver that man can doall impossibles only if man belives in putting forth the effort to achieve what others deem impossible. Me ~Safire~ It is not the critic who counts. Not the man who points out howthe strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done better.The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whoseface is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly;who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause. Who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, at least fails while daring greatly, so hath "The young do not know enough to be prudent, therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation."~ Pearl S. Buck ~ "You never conquer a mountain.You stand on the summit a few moments,then let the wind blow your footprints away."~ Inuit Proverb ~ I expect to pass through life but once. If, therefore, there can be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again."~ William Penn ~ ....I am what never was....


S0o0o what are dreams supposed to mean?? if you have a dreamaboutsomeone cheating on you and them not giving a damn...what does that mean?? does iteven mean anything?? what if you have a dream of being very happy?? what does that mean?? (if anything) please please help me if anyone knows or has an idea of what they mean!! please!! thanks!!! Love Always-Shay

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another Quiz...

OKAY, I have seen this one on several sites lately so I don't feel guilty for poaching it. I'm gonna take it and anybody else who wants to take it, copy and paste it in the comments area...if you dare. It's just another way of exposing myself to ya'all. Boomer GENERAL Blog name = The World as I See it # piercings = ZERO # tattoos = ZERO height = 6'-1" hair color = Blond with some Gray (YUCK) I cant be that old!!! siblings = 1 Sister children = 4... B-22, B-20, G-18, B-14 How old do you look = 40 How old do you act = Depends, How much I've had to drink How old do you feel = 30 Do you have any pets = Yes, Jake the wonder dog LAST... movie you rented = Can't remember movie you bought = Cant remember song you listened to = The whole License to Chill CD - Jimmy Buffet song that was stuck in your head = Trying to reason with Hurricane Season cd you bought = Jimmy Buffet - Live in Hawaii tv show you've watched = Dangerous Jobs - Crab Fishermen DO... you have a secret crush = Yes you wish you could live somewhere else =Yes you think about suicide = HELL NO!!! Life is too good, and I'm not done yet you believe in online dating = Sure others find you attractive = So I've been told you like cleaning = some times you like roller coasters = YES FOR OR AGAINST... long distance relationships = for (if need be) using someone = Why Bother smoking = Sometimes - Cigars Death penalty = Electric chair...Electric couch, Rapeist's, murders, child molesters, repeat offenders HAVE YOU... ever lied to someone? = yes ever been in a fist fight? = yes ever passed out on a street from drinking too much? = Not on a street ever told someone you loved them when you didnt? = no ever cheated on a lover/spouse? = Once at the very end of my first marriage ever cheated on a test? = NO WHAT... shoes do you wear most = Redwing work boots are you scared of = Marrying the wrong person do you want to be when you grow up = happily married is your least favorite chore to do = bathroom makes you the happiest = A great sunset at the beach with someone special upsets you the most = Stupid people and bad drivers and self centered people always makes you smile = Friday Night NUMBER... of times I have been in love = 3 of hearts I have broken = 4 of people I can trust with my life with = 5 of times my name has appeared in the newspaper = Zero of scars on my body = 2 of things in my past that I regret = 2 of times I told people I loved them today = Zero DO YOU THINK YOU ARE... pretty = I'm Not Pretty, but I am easy on the eyes funny = Oh Yes friendly = yes amusing = Yes. Ask anyone ugly = can be if I'm in the mood loveable = most of the time caring = yes sweet = yes sensitive = VERY a putz = yes mean = I can be when pushed to it FAVORITE... 6 letter word = Harley Candy = Almond Rocha Cartoon = The Simpsons Cereal = 7 Grain with nuts Color = Chrome Day of week = Sunday, Church & brunch & bike Season = Autumn Movie = Titanic Book = Chapman Piloting TV Channel = Discovery Channel PERSON WHO LAST... Slept in your bed with you = Deborah Saw you cry = It's been a while Made you cry = It's been a while Yelled at you = Deborah Smiled at you = Patricia Kissed you =Deborah HAVE YOU EVER... Gone out in public in your pajamas = yes Kept a secret from everyone =yes Wished you were the opposite sex = There have been times...not really, I like being a man Stolen someones newspaper = no Borrowed something never meaning to return it= no LOVE Do you believe in love at first sight = Lust at first sight Most important quality to you in a relationship is = HONESTY Who loves you most =My Mom MISCELLANEOUS INFO Do you speak any other languages = Nope Last flavor you tasted = Lemonaide Last noise you heard = Some guy banging the ground with a pick Last smell you sniffed = The rain Last meal you ate = Chicken Last beautiful thing you saw = This morning's sunrise Last emotion you felt = Sadness Favorite item in your home = The fridge Worst feeling in the world = Anger & Hate FINISH THIS SENTENCE: I Love ... myself I Miss ... a good woman I Wish ... for a better tomorrow I Hope ... The war ends soon I Want ... the best for my kids I am ... ready to go fishing Ineed ... A Vacation

And again...

Drove to Kent see my sister sm. Got Olive Garden with mom after, then Angela drove home with me. We listened to Backstreet Boys. ..Yes, that is right-BSB! 5 (young) motorcycle guys drive by us...looked...did the peace/wave/nod thing...speed off/showed off. It was funny. Now i'm just chillin. Actually...i'm not...i'm roasting like a hotdog. I need to go buy water. I'm 5 gulps from being out. Connor will be here in 30-60 minutes. Hot Import Nights last night. Never seen so many souped up cars and half naked Asian girls in my life. We had fun though. I'll get pics up soon.'s hot.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Shake Me Baby Shake Me

I just wanna be shook all night long. Take me in your arms, hold me close. Give me passionate kisses upon my lips. Give me a feeling that I'm sexual, A feeling so that I can love you. With all of me by your side in those arms, I will love with every being of my fiber. Every part of this body. I just wanna be shook all night long. Sheilah Say :)

The Beginning of Spring Break

Hello...How's it going?...well cold unfeeling computer it's between you and me and anyone else who is interested. I slept pretty much every chance I had the opportunity to today in school..floral design sucks butt cheeks, don't ever get into it, it's only good for sleeping sometimes..if we dont have work..well maybe it's because I have Mr. Ritchie..he's all senile.. Anyhow, I also slept in biology after I lost the whole ecosystem game...I'm such a sore loser, I didn't really lose..but I lost one card out of two in a "challenge", it was similar to playing Pokemon, and I was mad because well with one I just gave it away and slept. I went over to Sam's as usual after school and pigged out...yum..then I conked out on the couch and she had to help my semi sleep drunk butt get to her bedroom. We made it and guess what? I slept again. I slept when I got home too. I love's delicious. I'm anticipating Saturday so bad, I'm going to see Jay, My love! He's from San Antonio, we met through Sam, I love him! Well, I'm seeing him on Saturday, hopefully. I wanted to go to the carnival today...I called Abby, but as usual she's busy, I can't blame her. I miss the good times..when it was just Abby, Manny, and I. Anyhow, that's gone and yeah it was hamster is enormously fat now...and has no clue as to operating an exercise wheel..poor him..My Claude!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Ghost Story & Bible quotes...

No body believes ya when ya tell'm you saw a ghost. I mean its almost like they think Casper is just made up or somethin'. Well I have a story I have to tell ya. One day I was walkin along with my best friend and we both saw this GHOST by the library one evening after a photography class...he said...HEY look its a SPIRIT...when I looked all I saw was a kinda man shapped blur...but our curiousity got the best of us and we approached it...sure enough, it was a ghost, and he wanted to we let him jabber for a while and then, needing to get home before we both lost driving priveliges for six years, we told him as politely as we could that we had to leave...what is it? he asked, dont you believe I am a ghost? put his head into the wall, then his arm and one leg...I had film in mycamera so I asked him if I could take a picture, and he agreed...In fact, we took quite a few with him posing in various ways to demonstrate that he was indeed a ghost...The next day we got so excited that we took the film to a one hour photo, retrieved the finished prints and raced home to show our parents who were pretty ticked at us, first for being late and then for trying to tell them we were late because we had seen a ghost... We first went to my friends house to show his mother, and get him out of the dog house...she opened the envelope and looked at each of the 3x5 prints...raising her eyes and looking at us kinda funny. Finally after looking at all of them she got kinda angry...WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR some kinda FOOL...we looked at the pictures and they were just pictures of the WALL the ghost used to prove he was a image of any ghost......I just didnt understand, where was the ghost?...she got really confrontational and said to us...HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS?...after a few minutes it came to me...I had to appeal to her believing side...well ma'am I offered...I think I know the answer...OK she said lets hear it..and it had better be GOOD! Well, obviously, The spirit was willing but the Flash was weak... On another occasion while attending College I used to have to walk up a hill to class...about midway up ten flights of stairs was a tunnel, about fifty feet long but well lit and very was abitterly cold morning when I followed a young coed up the stairs. I could see her breath as she nearly ran, ahead of me. As we entered the tunnel the wind gusted the below zero temperatures, and the cold went right thru me. She stopped for a second to adjust her books, and I approached her...WWWWOW I chattered, its SSSSSOOOO CCCCCOLD, have you ever sssssseen such bbbbbitter cccccold?......She looked at meseriously andsaid.... Hon, Many are Cold but FEW are Frozen....she then turned and hurried away... Dont you just love it when people quote the Bible?

What the Hell...

I was bored as hell, so I figured I'd do this blogging stuff all out. I had this big-ass meal tonight. Soup, Steak, Ribs, Potatoes, Cake. Damn!, thats a lot a food! Anyway, I got this homerun derby tommorrow. Gotta go crush some baseballs! I must avenge myself for my poor showing last time, only three homers(in a softball field). I've been working at it, so they better watch out. Peace until later...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

lonely flower

Lonely Flower Little Flower why do you look sad Life for you cannot be that bad But I guess in a way you are just like me Grounded to this earth and never free All alone you sit and you seem to cower You droop more and more every hour I suppose all things living have their ups and downs But our bodies shake it off with a frown When I look at you I can see tears But why do you cry you have no fears Is it because you feel all alone in this vast place? Even when you look around there never seems to be a friendly faceYes little flower I feel this way to But theres really nothing I can doWe will both have to get on with the life that we lead Just like every growing seedSo little flower wipe those tears from your eyes Theres really no need for you to cryI left the flower all alone outside Tomorrow I will see the puddle she has cried When I looked out of my window the next day The sad little flower seemed to have gone away

holy shiz

holy shiz my cali entry got cut short, holy mother!! that sux butt... Okay i am in love with Tim Burton he's my IDOL!!! My BIGGEST idol, and i'm gonna be first in line to see Corpse Bride on September 23rd, yes thats right SEPTEMBER 23RD mark your calanders!!! And in case ya'll dont know, Tim Burton is the director of Nightmare before Christmas and Willy Wanka, that man is a directing genious i swear it too you, i saw the trailer for Corpse Bride and it looks totally freaked out, i love scarry angst stuff!! So-- remember, thats september 23rd and make plans to go see it opening day!!BUT if the movie ends up stupid, that would be sad. If its stupid then i will burn it to the ground! HAHAHAA!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


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Ten pound balls

I am so fucking sore... I swear that gym coach is trying to kill our asses form the bottom up so when she starts to chase us with her assault riffle we wont be able to run away...Damn...Today I got hit rite between the boobiess with a ten poundmedicine ball...I started coughing up stuff I didn't even know my body could produce. Then we had to do suicide drills. I kinda spaced out when she sed 'go' so I started last but my partner,sophia, and I were the first ones done...Anyway, The Third day of school and I'm already sick of those assholes. I mean I have alot of people in my classes that I go way back with (like Hannah, Sophia, Deshae...The list can go on for almost forever) They're cool and all, It's just those damn shitheades. Like I was saying in my last entry, they're all the same. Today there was this big ass group of guys talking about how they were all homophobic and they were saying all this shit... I wanted to go over there and slap the shit outta each and every one of them. It pissed me off because I bet none of them have ever gotten to really know a gay person. This, like the race issue, all goes back to stereotypes. Just because you hear something about a group of people doesn't make it true.( andpeople are people. It doesn't matter if you're white, black, latin, indian, asian, gay, bior strait. People are people and that is never ever going to change)And then instead of finding out for themselves they just assume... It's fucking amazing what people will beleive these days. If someone told them that cars ran on dog shit you'd see everyone holding their dogs asses up to their gas tanks... Anyways...After four days, I'm not so sure if I can do four more months in that class. Like I sed, I'd better loose some of that xtra baggage I've been haulin' around (not all just some) Thosebitches just need to whatch where they throw that damn medicine ball... Friendly reminder: Don't even start to fuckin bitch to me if you dont even know what the fuck you're sayin... Kyra She's the angel on top of the tree. Sugarheart, here she comes, she's gonna fall on me. Innocence was her fire. We told the truth. I miss the sweet boys in the summer loving youth Swing low, cherry cherry. Yeah, it's awful. He's drunk. He tastes like candy. He's so beautiful. He's so deep, like dirty water. God, he's awful. You're lost, oh, where's your daddy? It's so awful. Hate, Hate your enemies Save, save your friends Find, find your place Speak, Speak the truth

Monday, September 19, 2005

Nothing to do, yet trapped in the computer room

Yes, I said trapped! I am in first hour, which is gifted, and i went into the library computer room. The Special Ed. teacher won't let me out! AHH!!! I am with Candi and Cassie. we are almost done with our Eight Grade filming, all we have left to do is Mrs. Cates. I am sooo bored. I have already done a physical education book report and a may calendar. Ten more minutes......ten more minutes.

CRISTA IS A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111113124rcfdv

Yeah. Well I'm babysitting tonight, yesterday I called Crista and she's all like yeah I can totally help you tomorrow night babysitting(tonight). So I just called her and she's all "sorry I can't cause Anthony (her cousin) is sleeping over." It's like FINE WHATEVA JUST CANCEL PLANS TO CHILL WITH ANTHONY>>>>!>!>!>!?!@lfjlksfad lol. it's all good. I <3 Anthony. He rocks. But I'm still piiiszzzsed a bit at Crista. Because nobody else can help me so I'll be all alone tonight, it's gonna be extremely boringggg WEll IIIIIIIII'm gonna go. Have a totally awesome evening, ya'll. 6 FooooKIN DAYS! -Kristin

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Today, I miss you!

Today, I miss you, my dear roommate, miss you so. Originating from a chatabout smoking friends, I start remembering everything from us, from our beautiful 10 minutes at the top floor of our dormitory. A whole year and a half, we talked to each other in another beautiful language besides ours, and we enjoyed the beautiful lives in collage -- we were so young that time, and we were so excited about what is around us, from the green grape trees between football pitch toattracting video games in computer rooms. At the top floor, wind was crazy, your long hair danced, our laughter danced. I never forget those days, you remember? One day I was announced I could take part in the English Speech of our collage -- standing for computer institute, you were so glad for me, and I was too nervous to speak one word just like an ant falling into water because there would be some free talk in English during the speech. In order to make me feel easy, you suggested we went to the top floor to practise free talk. I agreed. So there was the longtime chat in English even after the speech. We talked about different topics, just a short 10 minutes at noontime, but those were the happiest period because a new habit was born. Besides that, we eated ice cream in winter, exchanged the experience of video games (what happened thatmy free topic of the speech is video games), you fellow told me sth aboutyour handsome teacher and the best method to sleep in class to let me know what was 'real collage life! Those were what I never forget. Maybe we were just common roommates, and unlike smoking friends, we did not need anything to make us feel free, the 10_minute chat was enough. Miss the ice cream in winter which made us trembling, miss the crazy wind on the top floor, miss the green scene we saw, miss the handsome boys we looked to, miss the 8 beds in our room, miss other sisters on the same ship, miss your no_end experience of how to become a real collage student, and miss you, miss you so!

Try My hand at some Photography

Last night I was at a party downtown, and was at the top of an apartment building with a nice view of the city, it was amazing. Well at this party therewas a guy that did some photography on the side, and wanted to take some pictures of the view, just with his digital camera. Now I had left my camera in the car, so I ran down to get it (God the elevators is this building were slow). Anyways, this guy gave me some pointers on how to take good pictures with just a digital camera, so I put his pointers to work. Tell me what you think, they did not all turn out as good as I would have liked but they are good for me. Today we also stopped off at Benny & Fabean home, and I took some more pictures there. I have set up a photo album of pictures that I think are good, and I might start putting them up around the house.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

grrrrrrr...stupid district.....

Grrr....... stupid district.... The bellevue school district is really dumb. they are trying to warp I.S. into something its not:normal. just take me for example. if you know me, you know that i am not normal, and at my school, i am not alone. well anyway, they are trying to forcibly move our fivorite teacher for only one reason: she spoke out against the district and how she doesn't like how the district is run. also she talked about how she prefered our old principle's (dion's) ways of doing things to tom's(current principle). and yes i know i am probably spelling principle wrong, but i am too mad to care. So Dr. Reiley isn't happy because she is being move for personal reasons and we are all trying to butt into his personal life, BUT HIS PERSONAL LIFE SCHOULDN'T INFLUENCE HIS JOB!!!!! please talk to your parents and get them to talk to their district rep.s(if you are in the bellevue school district) and get them to vote down Dr. reiley. he has been arround too long, and his pushing for near manditory AP is driving us all to failure. grr...... sorry... i really had to vent. anyway. that's all i have to say. thankyoufor your time. there are some articles in the King County Journal about this. go to the archive at and search for international school. all of them should be rather recent. i especially liked Dr. Reiley's BS. anyway. that's all!

The Fugly Duckling

The Fugly Duckling Oncea very long time ago, there was a duckling, a duckling of 6 duckisters and duckothers. This ducklings name was erik kodmac, interesting name indeed, but remember a fugly name for a fugly duckling this all ties into the story. This duckling had a severe shmelting accident on the day of birth therefore the duckling had green legs and a slight bald spot that was only visible when the sun was facing south and hit the tip juuust right. Well...the duckling and its 6 isters and others and mother were strolling along in the pond one beautiful siren day when the duckling was approached by aicela and herpartner in crimeellehsim now aicela was a horny toad and her friend ellehsim was a hippo. The toad and the hippo noticed how fugly the duckling was and how green her legs were. "DAAAAMN!" said the hippo "WTF happened to you?!" "DAMN, SOMEONE FUCKED YOU UP!" commented the toad. Tears came to the ducklings eyes "Im the fugly duckling" "DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE!" they replied "They should punish you for being so fugly". The hippo and toad went on their way and to the ducklings surprise SHE HAD BEEN STRANDED BY HER ISTERS AND OTHERS! "WAAAAAA" cried out the duckling "IF ONLYIWERENT SO GREEN, BALD AND UGLY! WAAAAAAA".The next thing to happen was unpredictable! The duckling wondered into the darkest part of the pond where the voodoist alligator yentruoc lived. The alligator spotted the duckling "AHA! ALAST! FEASTING TIME!" the alligator snatched up the duckling "SHALAMAHYA SHALAMAHYA OOOGLAY DUUUUCKLAY FUGLY DUCKLY" the alligator chanted as the duckling was roasting in a south western spicy caujin sauce.The duck was about to meet her DOOM! The hippo and horny toad also arrived for this ceremony "FUGLY DUCK!" the hippo yelled, "OFF WITH HER LEGS" the toad added "OOOGLAY DUUUUCKLAY NO DESERVE TO LIIIIVAY!" and with that said in one clean swift sever to the knee cap the alligator ripped off the ducklings green legs as an appitizer REMEMBER YOU MUST EAT YOUR GREENS!!! ...And the rest was history! And NOW for the corny intro to the author... lol **This wonderful and touching story was written by another good friend of mine, Mishelle, we've been through thick and thin... we've had many principal office visits together, and i have a feeling there will be more in the nearfuture. Stay "tuned" i guess, for more awesomely bad stories...

Friday, September 16, 2005

HAHA the Bigger picture- 18th May ,2005

Wow jus needed to laugh ... ever have that point of realization where things dawn upon you and all u wanna do/can dois laugh!?! ... hahah well yeah that jus happened to me ... and I real good ... I would say happy ... but i doh tink daz de word to describe it ...iz like dis -as the pieces come together in your mind and more and more things come to your attention ... you start to understand more and the big picture continues to come into view ... you see things u were blind to before ... and because of that blindness ... the big picture is real funny cuz u see things u didn't see before ... "inebriate of air am I" <---- daz how I feel!

.giovedi :D:D..

wee gente!!! che bello doam 1 ora di scuol aalle 9 e poi dalle 10 VACANZAAAAAAche bellooooooo poi lidooo :D hihihihi cazz sn mega felice, e la sera cn la mia maialina,giona fra etccc :D sn mega happy ora skippo,baciuzz ciau raga.. :D

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I struggled through the entire day. A horrid sense of unrest and an unforgiving feeling of not belonging. I wanted to cry most of the day. I don't know why other than Jackie seems to be withdrawing more and more. I thought she might be angry with me, but it seems that she is not. I try to become invisible when people are angry with me. Kerstin says that it is due to the trauma that came with anger when I was a youngster. I need to find another way to deal with other people's feelings. I guess I should try to identify the cycle and see where I can break it, before I begin to feel unwanted and alone. Instead of trying to talk with Jackie about how she was feeling, I set her about to crocheting an afgahn. She has been asking me to teach her for the last several weeks. I think that she is struggling with Mark these days and needs something to keep her mind occupied. It sounds like he is treating her rather poorly and vice versa. I finished my book, Girl Interrupted by Suzanna Kaysen. What a good book. No where as intense as the movie and other than the names of the character, nothing else is the same. It is presented in a rather flat way, but and easy read. I don't know if I would recommend it to anyone, but it was a gentle break from the SO books that I read so often. I sometimes look at Jackie as 'interrupted'...I suppose anyone whe has experienced a traumatic experience can be considered 'interrupted.' Jackie tries so hard to be tough and self reliant, but she struggles everyday just as I do. I worry for her.

My sister

My sister turned 39 today. She just had her 2nd baby on August 5. This is her 2nd delivery but not her second pregnancy. She has had a several miscarriages so its great that everything worked out for her this time and little Hailey is here safe and sound.She also has 6 step-children. Well we have gone a couple of days without anyone getting injured, so that is good. There has been some progress with the village by us. Some weapons and some insurgents are found. We are having fun trying to keep all of the different vehicles in workin order for us to go outside the wire. Well thats it for today, Happy Birthday to Tammy! She says I ruined her 7th birthday. 7 years and 2 days apart.

i need a job...and some other stuff

so i feel like a little kid again. i wake up on the floor, sit around.....don't have anything to do. maybe its not little kid, maybe its "i have no idea what i'm doing" syndrome. i kid you not i havent' done anything in nearly three days, nor have i eaten anything because i don't feel the need to waste the carbohydrates on lazyniss. so i discovered the wonderful yet painful somehting......i have nothing to write about.....okay here's the thing...i miss my friends in a sort of not miss anyone sort of way...i spend lots of time sitting in someone elses house thinking of what i could or maybe be doing. sitting here, i just kinda dream about stuff, what sort of job i could have, the magicians nephew, food, excercizing, homosexuality, death, God, friends, christofori's dream, my dream, college, what the fuck am i doing? but not really, then i just know i'm not supposed to know, in a sick, sad, faith sort of way. wow...i'm hungry for milk, chris doesn't drink milk....i want lots of money, no rent, a new car, less of a complete feeling of hopeless ness and the ability to actually have any form of relationship without hurting someone have you ever had the feeling you just mess with people's minds when really you know they are messing with yours? i've always had the ability to just make people be my friend, when really, i think everyone pretends to be, or something and then when they are hurt because of my overpowering self worth arh, i have no idea what i want to say....maybe its just that i miss stuff, even though i'm heartless....i guess freedom is cool. i want to be at college with some of my friends...i want to move to scotland....why can everyone else do there thing? i have to do someone else's. NO, i have to choose to do someone elses. that makes me feel horribly useless yet all important all at once. the thing is, im doing this for myself truely and not another person....yet i feel weird like i'm seperated from all human life.....cuz i am.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My Hair Decision

OK, after days of soul searching, I have come to a decision about what I'm going to do with my afro. I am not going to relax it straight. I'm not going to lock it either. I've decided to keep it natural and on those days I have job interviews I will either press it straight, or put it in cornrows and wear a wig. I'm so happy I did not make a hasty decision. When you think things through, eventually you will think your way into an answer. Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in a really good mood.


I have finished all tests but one. Chemistry. The epitome of stress and disaster in the classroom. Now who's smart idea was it topick chemistry for exams.....? oh wait it was mine Yeah, I have one paper left to complete and wouldn't you know it? the "bleeping" examiners left the worst for last! Ah well, wish me luck and three weeks of life again.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

09-Aug-2005 : CTI SBS

Done: Automate Test Case 9573 (9573-MultipleReportConfiguration.cs) Study SBS Test SDK (Need this before I can finish #1) Create new project to experiment with various SBS Test SDK functionalities Plan: Study SBS Test SDK documentation.....Write some reusable sample code maybe. (Plan doing this for 2 or 3 days, then automating any test cases should be easy)

Monday, September 12, 2005

today is monday

to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wiild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour i cant seem to get down doing my essay! sigh this is my third attempt and im tired! -pulls hair- hate it when there's no inspiration to do ath. cant believe im wasting my time here instead of putting more effort in my essay. sigh. help! ruth's in distress! -boing boing- have a sudden urge to go swimming now. haha. brandon's crowned as my WEIRDEST friend. he does weird things, like coming over to my house at 10.30pm to swim. and when i looked out of the window at 11.30pm, whenit was alr completely dark and i was half expecting him to be gone alr,i seethis strange figure in the pool. haha so i did wad any other normal person would do. i shouted his name. silence. oh dear. it is him? oh no i think i just made a fool outta myself! oops. brandon? yes? haha! bingo! so late alr still dont want to go home? haha! cant believe we were conversing like tt! i was sitting on the ledge of my window five storeys up in a blockand he wasstanding down therein the pool! in the middle of the nite! wad an amusing sight! haha but it was totally cool to be talking like that tho the whole estate can hear us! haha should really try it next time! wad a nice way to end the day! :) oh.. btw that was yesterday! hee, today is still present tense. how i wish it can be past tense soon. -yawns- ruth! back to pc essay pls! :( -trotters off-

Baby Shower Update

The baby shower has been changed from Kristi's house to Dad's house. Please call for directions. Baby Shower is August 6 @ 3:00 pm Registered at Babies R Us and Target THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR GIFTS!! WE REALLY APPRECIATE THEM.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I worked today 8:30-5:30 which is the frying hours. I am one tired "babes". We were kinda busy today, which was good. Now I have to work another 8 hour day, 10:00-7:00 tomorrow. Next week I am working only 20 hours but that is b/c i will be going to Wichita for a Dr. appt. that is on Monday at 4:00, then I am coming back to Manhattan to be with Aaron. We really miss each other. I can hardly believe that it will be one month since we have been together. I don't know that we have ever gone that long without being together. Kinda interesting, but we have both been really busy. *sigh* I'm ready for the break from school and work. Doing both sucks, but oh well. Aaron said he has a surprise for me for my birthday. I'm curious as to what he can surprise me with when he is already here. (his surprises are usually randomly coming to see me or stuffed animals) Maybe he will give me some flowers. I'm not going to think about it because he told me not to so that i will be surprised. Ummm...Guess that is all...I am really looking forward to Friday when I can go home andbe withfamily, the Chlo, and Aaron.

july 23..concert!

Well today was freakin awesome!.... I had to go to work, but then i came home and slept from 9 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon that was awesome! Then I went over to morgans then i went with her church to a concert in Chanute at the Fire Escape, it was the best concert ever. We were goin nutts!!! I was like so rockin' out lol. Lets see there was "In Your Honor" they were okay, then there was "Sub Seven" they were pretty good, and then the best was "Falling Up" they were so awesome! It was like metal so you were like jumping all over the place. Uh then we went to McDonalds...saw some really hot guys! oh man, they were great! haha! Now i'm sitting here typing this thing, getting ready to go to sleep...thats about it. But the concert was awesome!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Oodles of Noodles

Today was great, being able to sleep-in once again. Not a lot happened today so far, and I'm not for sure if anything will happen later on. I got up this morning, ate breakfast (it was actually two cookies that I made last night with a large glass of milk), cleaned myself up, and then did whatever. I played my SNES for a while. I played this game, and I always forget the name of it, but it has 4 Mario games on it. I played the original Mario Bros. and then played Mario Bros. 3. I tried playing Mario Bros. The Lost Levels but I died a lot so I just decided to go upstairs. Hmm. I recently, like 20 minutes ago, finished eating some spicy Korean noodles. Now, as you all know, they are alled Ramen noodles. However, not everyone pronounces Ramen the same. Some claim that it's pronounced "Rah-men" noodles while others, like myself, claim it's "Ray-men." A very significant and good lookingperson (whose intelligence I have never doubted) has pointed out to me that I'm wrong, as well as the rest of SEK lol. Anywho, yeah, I made those noodles, oodles of them, ate them and enjoyed some sticky rice. It was yummy yummyin my tummy. Another thing that I guess I can talk about while I'm here is that I put a computer in my room today. One of my mom's friends won this drawing for a Dell computer. Well her friend knew what a big pile of lard our computer has turned into and decided she'd get that computer all fixed up and give it to us. I decided that it'd be perfect for me to put my pictures on, download my music to, and whatever else I want to put on it instead of junking up the new computer we're supposedly getting around Christmas time. So yeah, I got it all moved back into my room, cleaned off my desk (I threw most of my papers in a drawer) and got the computer ready to go. Welp, the freaking power cord is missing so I'm going to have to use the power cord from this computer to see if that computer would be worth keeping. We'll have to pay $50 for it, but if it's like brand new then it should be worth it. By the way, when I was cleaning off my desk I found this letter that I got back in June regarding college financial aid. I totally forgot to fill it out and submit it and it turns out the deadline is August 31st so I filled it out and mailed it today. It's weird how some things work. For some reason I decided to go through my papers before throwing them into the drawer. I almost just threw them in it but for some mysterious reason I went through the pile. Who knows, maybe I'll get a full ride to KU (very unlikely, but sounds nice)! Welp, I dunno what I'm gonna be doing this evening. I know I'll be going to Mass at 5:30 and then who knows what after that. I wanted to go out with some friends but some of them might be busy and there really isn't anything to do around here. We were going to go bowling, but it's a lot more fun to have a bunch of people go bowling instead of just two or three so that might not happen. Ah well, whatever happens happens and I'm sure I'll be ahappy little starfish in the end. Have a great weekend. Jourdey. ***KU Colors!***


bored bored bored bored.. OOOH I KNOW WHAT TO DO! I'm gonna write random words... starting with..... space star movie book sword magic fairy happy tree desk cup phone string two seven pencil rootbeer lotion finger toe confused boyfriend toy sorrow type to let go branch bee italic germany food chip oatmeal bored bored bored bored bored ok im done now...

Friday, September 09, 2005

About Heiwa Do

Heiwa Do - A powerful and very flexible martial art, created by spirit of peace. Techniques are not very spectaculeous, but very effectively. Techniques of Heiwa Do (HWD) is easy to learn, because they are not complicated. HWD includes Wapon techniques for Stick, Machete and Knife. Of course, HWD also is using unwapon tecniques. Still now, HWD is a very unknowing Martial art, which is expanding in Costa Rica very fast. Because of his huge variety on technical and phylosophical background, you cannot compare HWD with any other kind of Martial Art. The main focus of HWD is solving danger situations in our dayly life. It is the reason, why HWD can deliver all demands and requisites of real street fight situations. In other words maybe we could say: the idea of all technics in HWD is, to eliminate the danger in the fastest and in the most efficient way as possible. Firstable HWD is requiring from his students strictly discipline, respect and comradship to each other. HWD students cannot be under 18 years, because of taking theire own responsibilities of those actions and/or desitions. Even HWD avoid strictly any commercial ideas, finally HWD decides to expand in other continents, like Europe and Australia. This desition, to open the doors for everybody have two reason: At first, everybody should have the right, to study and to praxis HWD. At second: HWD wants to give more people in this World the Opportunity to study Heiwa Do- a new Way to protect peace, to bring peace, and to create peace for those people.

Losing sucks!

Well today (Wednesday the 13th) was horrible! Our co-ed softball team finished the season today; we ended up getting 3rd place which sucks because we won the whole tournament last year. But considering we lost our first game last week and then went on to win four straight, we did pretty well...but it still sucks! We were so close to beating the team that lost to us last year to get into the championship game. We were down like 9-1 after the 1st inning, but in one inning (I think the 4th), we belted in 12 runs, so then we were actually up by 3. However, in the final inning (the 7th--we don't play 9), it was tied but we scored one run. Since they were the home team, they had last bats. We had 1 out and they had a runner on 3rd, and then the batter up hit a pop fly, which she tagged on and ended up scoring the winning run. The whole co-ed softball league hates the team that beat us (the team is from Jackson and are the most cockey and undesirable team to play with), so we had a whole cheering section of 3 other league teams; but, we came up just a little short. I was so pissed I didn't even stay to watch the championship game, so I don't know if they won or not...if they would of won they would of had to the beat the team they were playing two times, so hopefully they didn't! Well, that's enough ranting from me... I was going to go to Kelso's in Spirit Lake with Mary, Jenny Anderson, and Dano tonight, but because we were still playing softball I didn't get to go over-- yes, we were playing softball from 6-11 PM!! A lot of softball in one night..well, I hope they had fun. I also missed my opportunity to go on a walk with Scott...yep, playing softball so we'll have to make that one up some other night (haha). I ended up getting work off so I can go up with Mary to the cities this Friday which I'm very excited about; however, Scott couldn't get work off at Cenex, so that sucks...but what can you do? Oh, I also received an e-mail from Julia Keller tonight (a foreign exchange student from Switzerland), so it was really nice to know what she was up to and how things in Switzterland were. Well, can't think of anything else remotely exciting in my life so that's all for today, or I guess it's actually tomorrow (the 14th) now. I'm sleepy sleepy, so nighty night!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The place I know you'll be

The place I know youll be I look for you You search for me But I always know just where youll be In my heart Thats where youll stay In my heart for another day Ill never worry another day I never thought Id say it Although I did pray it I asked god for you be mine I must have asked a thousand times I never thought my will be true That I might just be linked to you But here we are living proof That what I knew was the truth I look for you You search for me But I always know just where youll be In my heart Thats where youll stay In my heart for another day Ill never worry another day I think you knew it all the time That you were meant to be mine I just wonder where Id be If youd ever stop loving me But that wont happen Now thats the truth I will love you till time is due I look for you You search for me But I always know just where youll be In my heart Thats where youll stay In my heart for another day Ill never worry another day So here we are Together at last Looking at the time that passed And now I see Who we are Just beyond that northern star And I thank God every day For giving me the key To the place I know youll always be. Coments Please?

Roleplaying MIA more like DOA in WoW

I have come to a realization. I am not a writer. I don't like to write very much. And so I am stopping on it. Not that I ever had any skill in the first place but in this sense I can just confirm it for everyone and hopefully move on. I am tired of trying to write and not doing anything good and most of all I am truely tired of roleplaying. Looking back on it the only reason I started rping is because Damon hit 60. and it's too much trouble. I hate the alliance and I hate roleplaying now. It's It's not what I am used to.It's no longer a epic story I try to do that and I get shot down and it never works out because for a big epic fight I do a para and my enemy does a phrase like "stabs at your throat" in response while a person is rezzed in five minutes after death. It's sickening. I thoughtall the roleplayers went mmo from the aol/yahoo/msn chatrooms.Turns out, there just gone and no one told me a forwarding address.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I can't believe the overwhelming response I have gotten towards my "I'm sad" blog. So many of you have opened your hearts...sent me words of encouragement and words of hope. Thank you so much. I hope to be re-united with Sassy soon. She wasn't just my dog, she was myfaithful companion and long time best friend. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.Thank you Kelly for your advice and I will start to send Sassy those telepathic messages in hopes that she will come home soon. Lots of love, Me.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Graduacion Prom 2005-II

Este 21 o 22 de DICIEMBRE !!!!se realiza la Graduacion 2005-I, en la cual estoy participando, lo deberia haber hecho antes pero me dio flojera con tantas actividades, entonces que mejor momento que hacerlo ahora, asi que si alguien tiene ganas de celebrar o algo parecido.. pasenme la voz... se podria cocinar algo interesante entre manos hehe.. Mientras tanto sigue la odisea de la tesis y lasbenditastrasnochadas (Se postergo porque la organizacion estuvo mala y no se concreto gran cosa... asi no juega Peru pues !!!) This DECEMBER 21st or 22 is the Architecture Bachelors Graduation 2005-I, where I am participating, i should had do that before but i didnt feel like with so many activities, then the best moment is now, so if someone special wants to celebrate around those days... pls let me know... maybe we can do a veryinteresting event hehe... In the meanwhile.. the thesis oddisey and nights without sleepingare still on the way. (it was delayed because of the bad management of the event and there was not big deal this time... fu*ing idiot !!)

You're Beautiful..Its true..(song by james blunt)

Hey It seems like lots of ppl read this blog..everytim i talk to some1,they're like 'hold on,im readin ur blog..' i mean,y read the blog if u have the real thing online? AND, if u take the time to read it,then pls take the time to write some comments or somin,so i no u read it,tht u care and how i cud improve it..I added a new albumon this space,dedicated to my friends,so every1 make sure they see it..if u consider urself a friend of mine,send me a pic of u,to ..the reason lots of u arent there is coz i justdont have pictures of u send me also gona make an album of grad pics and tree plantin pics together soon,wen i get some time..To All you Indians and Pakistanis out there, Happy Independance Day!! Ah..days pass by quickly,dont they?it seems like yday tht my last exam finished on the 28th of june.. So much crap has happened since then tho.. 3 more ppl leavin tomm,(funny,they're all going to the same place but they're on 3 diff airlines..)and one of them is hasan,who's been gr8 to me for the past few yrs,so HASAN,HOPE U HAVE A GR8 TIME IN TORONTO!!I feel like a million dollars right now..i dunno,i just feelgr8 abt myself..its like i got my second wind in life(yes,i do no ur supposed to get tht wen ur like 60yrs old..)been runnin 6kms everyday..damn hard,but i can see the effects(and i dont mean the pain in my legs)..Today,i went out wit a lot of ppl to say goodbye to hasan(altho he leftat 5pm) and i was surprised how many ppl are actually here..ive been back in dubai for 3 weeks and this is the first time ive seen just shows how lazy ppl are here..myaim for the next week? gettin to 10kms a,THT wud be somin i didnt dream of gettin to..2 Days till Alevels come out..Hadnt thought abt it till yday(Olevels came out yday)..Just rememberd how bad my AS eco was..just hope i get a dad wud roast me if i got worse..shud never have done it,hopefully,theres a way i can cancel it..if ne of u no how i cud,tell me ASAP!! i dont think LSE will even send a conditionaloffer for some1 who failed eco AS..even if idid get a 5 in AP eco.. I heard the funniest thing and i wana spread it to the 4 corners of the world so here goes..Registration for AUS is goin on now and on the 21st theyhave a trip planned,so tht students can get u no were they're goin? SAHARA CENTRE!!HAHAHAHAHA i mean,if ur payin this much money,dont u think theycud take u somewere else? uwe said choueifat was cheap..It seems like my trip to england has been postponed till im stuck here till sept..oh well...Have Fun pplF I R O

No AC, and no FM and no regrets...

...In My Chevette For those of you who arent cued up on your Christian Music, just thought I would throw out some old school Audio Adrenaline for ya! I have officially checked into my dorm (Kroske Hall #217...come visit me!) and will be checking out of Gretschmann tomorrow at 5:30. This will be my last night with my own kitchen and an air conditioner and its kind of sad. I like going home to a freezer instead of a sauna and i like being able to cook in my own space instead of using the community kitchen downstairs. Tonight I am going to be a bad girl (lol like thats possible) and order pizza in celebration that I got my loan check today and also because of the fact that i am really sick of eating ramen noodles and i need a break from eating that stuff. Its only eight days until I leave for the Bahamas for my missions trip and its kind of strange...its going to be an experience that im sure will open my eyes just because of the different culture and way of life down there. Pray for me during the time that I will be gone.

Still here

Ok, so the worl didn't crash in....yet that is. It could be in the immediant future but I am working on changing that. Everone I know is having issues but everyone just hold tight cause it can't get worse than this. It will only get better.

Monday, September 05, 2005

A Week and a Half

So school starts in a week and a half and I'm freaking out right about now. I got my schedule today. Mom, Brian and I walked around and saw where my classes were and stuff. Yeah it sucks cuz we have a two story schooland my first class is upstairs, my second is down, my third is up, and so on and so forth all day. There are never two in a row on the same floor. Brian said I wouldn't have to use the stair stepper or the gym ever again. Lol... and he's kind of right. I hope it's not that bad. I pray to God that I can get through my first day. I tried to get Brian to come back to school with me. But he won't. But he says that he'll come eat lunch with me on his days off so it won't be too bad. My morning will be pretty good cuz I have creative writing, French, and english. All in a row. Those will be fun. Then I have chemistry, geometry, psychology, and history. (Blah!) Well I don't have much to say except for you guys to wish me luck. Cuz I am sooo freaking out. One good thing..... I got a top locker. Lol... Later all. ~ Clarissa Daniele ~

School Attack!

School today was so scary! Keegan got out of control because a 4th grade guy(keegan's in 6th grade) sprayed some soap water in his eye! He lost his temper, until he tried to attack the guy. Some of his friends(including mine) were trying to stop him from going crazy. It was insane! Gobind tried to, but he failed. Jonathan came and pulled him back. Luckily, it was a success. Or else he would have to go to a crazy hospital(no offence keegan). Love, Aisah

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Another stepping stone I wont fall in

Yesterday i learned that i must have surjury . Brain surjury. Not that i have one. Its just part of my anatomy. Makes up the upper part of my body so my ears, eyes and nose have a place to attach to. I have a tumor at the base of my skull on the left side which is growing. On June 9th . the DRs . will remove it by surjury. I have had my share of surjuries. Including a lower lumbar surjury, C.T. S. surjury, total hyst, pacemaker implantitation, heart transplant, and 2 total hip replacements. Now a craniology surjury. Oh you say i should be as good as I am no bionic woman either. lol I am certainly not getting use to surjury either. Yes am still scared .Yes i still want to be on the prayer list.Yes i still believe god will take care of me. Yes i will be glad when it is over. Thanks for listening .

The loser i am

im such a loser, i dont know how to be happy i swear, i think that im goin to give up...b/c it's not worth it any more...all the tears and's no fun, and im gettin nowhere, it's silly for me to keep thinkin something good might happen w/ this....b/c nothing will...and i know it...i think the hardest part of realizing all of this, was believing it...idk? i better go, i might write more stuff later....most likely actually....cya -tracy

Saturday, September 03, 2005

beatles quiz and random rambling.....Sunday

Try this quiz. Which Beatle are you? I'm Ringo. I favor John ... but maybe Ringo did too! It's kind of funny. This is the second personality quiz I've taken this weekend.Both cameup with the word quirky in the results. I guess I'm quirky. Hector is back in Arizona.Hoping I'll see him soon ... soon, soon, soon. I left work early. We had an 83% answer rate when I left (notgood). Maybe I'll go back. I feel like taking a nap first. Still no word on the dispatch position, but I don't think it would work with school anyway .... still no openings in the Internet English class. I'll have to figure out how to ask for an override -- either that or figure out how to manage a mid-day class. Aaargh! I'm listening to Juanes right now. I am totally loving this CD (mi sangre). Blah, blah, blah ..... I guess it's time for a nap.

Joys of Homemaking

Ther is a stoped drain in the bathtub, so that when you drain the tub all the water comes out on the floor. The faucet on one of the kitchen sinks is worn down so it sprays water all over the kitchen, and that drain doesn't look too good either, though it's not stopped yet. The electrition never called back to tell me when he can come, and he can only be reached in the afternoon. And I have to call the landlady and explain all this. She is such a sweet old lady and I hate to bother her... I watched Hidalgo for the first time. It was ok. Not great but I enjoyed it anyway. It was kind of like a fary tale instead of true-stroy/historical. and I had a hard time keeping track of who all the charecters were. I havn't had time/energy to post on any of the sites I belong to. I just have so much going on still getting setteled in this new place, and that's almost all I can think about. who want's to hear me going on and on about plumbing problems? hm? I thought not. And my husband usually needs the computer in the morning, so I can't get involved in anything long, like chatting with Glori. I have to figure out some way. I miss chating with her.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Cyclus 8 gehaald.

School is niet zo leuk in die hitte. Gelukkig bijna vrij. Ik ga echt niet mee naar Six Flags, te warm voor mij enik ken het allemaal nou wel. Moet alleen nog wachten over wat ze van m'n project vinden van cyclus 7 en moet nog een videoclip van cyclus 6 inleveren (voor de 3e maal... hij verdwijnt telkens... ). Maarja, dat van cyclus 7 hoor ik morgen en dat videoclipje moet ik ff vinden voor vrijdag. Dus ik ben weer ff bezig nog. En als dat allemaal af is kan ik eindelijk eens aan de sites beginnen... zucht... Heb niet eens meer tijd gehad voor WoW! Zonde van m'n geld eigenlijk...

Almost Time!/Venetion...Fest...

Okay, I know everyone is just so EAGER to get rid of me, but I have news. My mom accepted a job down in St.Petes Bradinton, (I think that is what it's called), and we're starting to pack up our house. Like REALLY, pack it. Huge boxes, that real big truck that you put stuff in, everything. This is really sad...I can't believe it's almost time for me to leave Wisconsin behind...I went to the Venetion on the 18 and was

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Batman Begins

I have not updated recently because I have been too lazy . Even though these past few days have been pretty fun for me, I was too lazy to update so I shall do it now. On Saturday, I went to Justins party and ate hella meat (and I do emphasize on "hella"). But, before that I went shopping with loud Maaaaaagaret and dear Sarah. Ya Margarets driving was quite scary I had to keep my seat belt on the whole time. We went to Arden and walked around and Sarah and I saw Margaret spent money like itwas nothing (probably because she has a job unlike most of us). We were hella hungry after all that exercise walking around the mall so we went to Jamba Juice to grab a drink and a bite. I get to use up the ten dollars worth of Jamba Card in that one trip. We ate so much especially Margaret damn she was a monster I got rather scared when I saw her swallowing large chucks of bread while I tore up little bites to chew on. It was really cool hanging out and shopping with you two though, I enjoyed it even though I hated shopping. Afterthe feast at Jamba Juice,we went to Justins house to party. Justins party was fun as usual (Thanks Justin ); we get to play Air Hockey, watch weird videos, enjoy each others company, play that ADDICTIVE ass (yet old) tennis game, and the BEST and my personal FAVORITE part of all EAT LOTS AND LOTS OF MEAT!! Damn I should have taken a picture of the food table, hella food (more than four types of meat ) this time because of all those other people in Justins house. Today David, Allan, Ray Park, Chen, and I went to go see that new movie Batman Begins. Damn bastards came to my house all of a sudden and told me to come out all dressed up and ready to go in two minutes wtf I thought I was supposed to walk to Allans house first you asswipes ! The movie was better than I had expected though. At first I was reluctant to go watch the movie because I had the false impression that it would be the same type of Batman movie about the same damnBruce W.where he saw his parents get shot andpissed his pants when he sawbats and so he suddenly became Batman . Boy, was I wrong. It was a lot better than that and it also touches on somepsychological stuff on fear and some other minor things. I can rant about fear and its philosophical ramifications right now, but I am too lazy, so I shall not. The point is Batman Begins was a GREAT movie. I highly recommend you guys to go watch it with your friends or download it/rent it someday for you cheap asses out there (such as myself included, of course).

Who, what, where, when?

Very disapointing game last night. So disapointing in fact, that I couldn't watch anymore football for the rest of the night. It's sad when I choose to watch a documentary series on the SS instead of watching Michael Vick rush for 119 yards. But such is life. I will be watching the Colts-Patriots game today though. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I hate the Patriots with a passion. (There are various reasons for this;most of them are the usual sports partisian thing; but most of all, it's just that the Patriots are too damn good and they're always beating my team when it counts.) So, go Colts; f the Patriots. (And f Tom Brady.) Youmight have thought that I'd be writing much more about myself and much less about football. What about the band, you say? Aren't you in a band? Isn't there always some stupid bullshit going on with your band? What's going on with your lady friend Ida? When are you getting married? When are you getting divorced?? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm warming up to all that and I'll get there. (Eventually.) It's the playoffs right now and soon comes the Super Bowl. Now that the Jets aren't playing, I'll turn my attention to more weightier matters. Such as, how much does the crushing weight of sin weigh?